Monday, December 31, 2007

"The" New Years Post

So here we are the last day of 2007, rolling into 2008.
The highlights:
Yeah, I married the most amazing person I've ever met. It still shocks me how much I love him, I don't think I ever knew I was capable of such love. Its been interesting being a wife, learning to balance the house, our relationship and my relationships with everyone around me. Having another family has been nice but difficult at times, you kind of get used to your own families disfunction its weird to learn anothers.

I moved for the last time for a good long while!

Became a homebody for the first time in my life.
This is actually a good thing, this is the first time I've actually felt like I had a home. Its a nice change to love my house and actually feel peaceful in it.

Started living without debt and on a budget.
About 5 days before the wedding I made my last payment on my credit card debt. Our house was bought well within our means so we don't stress on our mortgage payment and have been able to save a tidy amount. Not nearly as much as we wanted but we've also done some big ticket stuff (my camera, our tv, our trips to Chicago and Hershey).

Goals for this year:
Live Simpler-buy less, make more, reuse what I can.
Make time for friends-both mine and Schmoops, stop being such hermits :)
Make time for ourselves-establish a date night for Schmoop and I
take time for a walk every day
Make time for me-Keep going to weight watchers, take time to journal every day
make time for reading bible and praying.
Spiritual-Find a new church closer to our house, do devotions as a couple.
Creatively-Keep working on my photography, writing, various crafts
Personal Goal-Finish all my Doula books, Doula training class and volunteer at a pregnancy center.

Thats about all I got.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fun with Photoshop

this becomes this

There are still some things I want to play with but you get the point :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in Pictures

My Gracie and her sock monkey :)
Mason, Willow and Meggie
Hannah and her cool new drum set
Schmoop and I (can you see my pretty new diamond sparklies!) at the Nutcracker.
Hmm I wonder what Schmoop got me :)
Oh good grief is she not ADORABLE!!!!
Grand Auntie Kristi with Willow and Aiden

Merry Christmas!!

So I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Schmoop and I did.
We spent the whole weekend with our family and finally about 5pm last night we were all alone. It was our first married Christmas and once again I was struck with how much I love this man. He is so incredibly perfect for me its ridiculous, and he is so thoughtful and sweet. I can't wait for many many more years with him.
Yesterday we went over my parents house in the morning and I brought over 5 of the sock monkeys that I started on Saturday, who decides 3 days before Christmas that she's going to make sock monkeys for her ridiculously huge family. We had other presents for the kids but it turned out that they LOVED the sock monkeys. I will post some pictures later.
Afterwards we went to a family friends and back to our house for dinner with Schmoops family. It was wonderful and VERY low stress. His mother got me a ridiculous amount of stuff including a velour track suit which (I'm ashamed to admit) I'm wearing right now along with a pair of slippers that she gave me. Yes, I'm at work. We gave our niece Hannah a drum set and it was so cute watching her go to town on it. I haven't finished her sock monkey yet, but I'm working on it. We had a very nice, very low key holiday; it was perfect.
All in all it was a lovely Christmas with me and the hubs.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

About as "adult" as I'm going to get

So for some reason when Schmoop and I got married I figured I had to grow up and be responsible in some areas of my life. It was my goal to be debt free of any personal debts before the wedding (I had a car payment and a rather sizable credit card issue); I conquered this with about 2 weeks to spare. I'm now resolved to not be in the position to purchase things that I can't afford outright and also to be wise about purchases even if I can afford them.
Well it turns out this responsibility thing extends beyond debt. I finished my wedding and shower thank you cards well within the "standard" time frames. We keep our house reasonably neat and tidy, just don't look this week we haven't been home much and its a zoo. I just finished mailing out Christmas cards to family and friends, they turned out well with a wedding picture and a scripture that we picked out that was appropriate. I've always been a buyer of Christmas cards never an actual sender outer of them but apparently the Suzie Homemaker in me said "you know what I appreciate getting them then I should in turn give them". I'm now tackling issues of tipping the mailman and the garbage guys, does anyone still do this?
I've always been of the frame of mind that I would never grow up and to some extent I'm sure that is true of both Schmoop and I. I do, however, feel the need to treat others as I would want to be treated and try to prefer them whenever possible. This requires a certain bit of responsibility and planning, which are completely not my strong suits so we'll see.
I'm just proud that my Christmas cards are going out and should hit before Christmas, we'll take this other "adult" stuff as it comes.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Update on Emmie

So I first introduced you to Emmie last month asking for prayers. She has been basically throwing up since the beginning of October and the doctors don't know what to do. My heart breaks for Emmie and also her family as they sit by her at CHOP (childrens hospital of Penn). Schmoop and I went to visit her and she was just so wiped out, she did open her eyes for a little bit and give us a little wave but all in all the poor girl is just worn out from all her little body has been through. Her arms bear the scars of many many IV pricks and she has just lost so much weight from all the throwing up. Its very frustrating for everyone because the doctors can't figure out whats going on in her little body. Her mom was telling me that the doctor will just start crying because he doesn't know what he can do to help. If you could make Emmie and her family your Christmas prayer that God will heal her and give her family peace through this whole situation.
Its so easy to get caught up in all the gift buying and parties but please remember that there are people out there that need our prayers, kind words and actions; it is the true meaning of this season. I would encourage you to look around you and see if there is someone that you think could use some extra encouragement, maybe a kind note, a smile. Mostly I just ask your prayers for sweet Emmie.
Merry Christmas,

Monday, December 10, 2007


So today I left the house same as normal. Rushing out half hour late, set the alarm pull the door behind me do a second shove to make sure its secure. I drove to work like normal and got there and started up my computer and got a call from the alarm company that someone had broken in the front door.
I just got home and checked the house with Schmoop and it looks as if nothing was taken but don't you know we are going to jack up our alarm system. If you sneeze in the front yard it will call the freaking cops.
Try me punks.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Updated Pics of the little guys

So I stole this from their Auntie Alicia but holy cow they are so cute!!
Here are the twins without the hookups!
Man I miss them!!


So this weekend went pretty well, our house more than doubled in occupants. It was an interesting peek into parenting I had alot of thoughts as to what we would do and we did about 2 of the 10 things we were supposed to. Schmoop and I wanted to go to Kitten Mom's Christmas party but the kids were a little funny about going somewhere they didn't know the people (to tell the truth I was a little nervous cause they have a very nice house and bringing three kids into a house where Schmoop broke something last year kind of gave me anxiety.) Besides that we were going to make a gingerbread house and just got to the gingerbread (spilled one of the trays in the bottom of the oven). We worked on the tree skirt and finished the masthead but mostly just hung around and spent time together.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


We just finished my new masthead, what do you think?
The creepy little elf was from antique shopping in Hershey last weekend, apparently I'm the only one who likes elves anymore. I bought one but this little guy I left on the shelf so I'm glad he's got his new place on the blog. The picture is an old one from when I used to live in the woods. The smarts to put it together are from my sweet Schmoop :)
The font of course is from Erika who downloaded a kajillion fonts for me yesterday. Suwheet..

Friday, December 07, 2007

Weekend O' Fun

My good friend Anne and I have always done this thing that I take her kids when they go away for their anniversary. She has three kids and we started it when they were just little guys (her son Doug was in the Sunday School class I used to teach when he was three). We still do this now her kids are all older, Dougie is in junior high her daughter Erika is 16 and her daughter Jenna is a little younger than Dougie. Its kind of funny because we all look forward to this weekend, we do alot of Christmas stuff and just generally enjoy being with each other. Since I married Jason he has kind of just mixed right in and the kids love being with him too. I'm looking forward to it because Erika and I have alot of similar interests; photography, vegan stuff, sewing, html. I'm going to make her help me redesign my logo tonight for something much more Christmassier so keep an eye out for some changes. I also have found some fun stuff to make it a little bit more classy.
Some things on deck for this weekend; finish decorating house, baking cookies, sewing aprons, making bath salts for gifts, getting some other crafts and making them, video games (for the boys), Christmas movies, sleeping in, etc.
I can't wait!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


So my niece looked like this on Monday
Then she had these two little ones (a boy and a girl)

the little girl looks so much like my niece when she was a baby. At least in my memory (I was 8 when she was born).

Little boy looks like his daddy and one of my nephews

now I'm grand.. a grand aunt that is :)

Me and the grand uncle in Hershey
Congrats Niecey

Friday, November 30, 2007

Such a baby

My arm is achy where they drew blood... waaaaa....

Hershey Park Happy!!

So December 2nd, 2005 Jason and I had our first "official" date. I used to work with his brother and about 4 years before his brother had said "Hey, I have a brother that you would be good for"; to which I replied "Thats ok set ups are creepy". Schmoop started working with me as well and we became friends; we went to see Dave Matthews together, some movies and even up to NYC during Christmastime. I went away on Thanksgiving 2005 and realized that I missed him, it was then I kind of figured out that I liked him more than a friend. Later I found out that he was kind of figuring it out as well.
Our "first" date was at Hershey Park to see the Sweet Lights and walk around the park. I am a Christmas nut and love all things Christmas and hello throw chocolate in there and what more can you ask for?!?! Jason was living in VA and drove up to take me there. Then every weekend after that either he would come up here or I would go down there to visit. Until he finally moved up in September of 2006, we were talking about marriage by then and we were waiting till he found a job up here. Then when he did we were waiting to find a house, then we did the end of last November. So I know the proposal is coming up because we wanted to get married on St. Patricks Day and we set out to Hershey Park for our Anniversary date. Jason was the most tired I've ever seen him and we start driving in the wrong direction figure it out and turn around; we drive up right as the park was closing. We got to go through the Sweet Lights and went to get Hot Chocolate. The whole park is closing down so I start to get bummed cause I really thought it would be there, then he takes me aside and gets down on one knee and asked me to marry him in front of a whole set up of white twinkle lights. It was perfect and it has been a year and I'm so happy I said yes to the man of my dreams!
Needless to say Hershey is a special place for the two of us and we arranged for a weekend getaway for our 2 year anniversary this weekend. I CAN'T STINKING WAIT!!!!

Update on Drs Appt

So I went to the doctors and was telling him about whats going on and he thinks its some type of thyroid issue. He gave me like a bajillion blood tests so we should know on Monday in the meantime he gave me a prescription that should fix the symptom of whats going on.
I went home and went to bed at 5pm; hmm maybe he's right...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Doctors Appt

Hey Internets,
I have a doctors appointment for a problem I've been having for about 2 months. If you can keep me in your thoughts and prayers today, I'm pretty nervous about it.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sliding in under the deadline

I signed up for an apron swap a little bit ago and got a fellow blogger who just happened to be a vegetarian. Well I was all gung ho on sewing at this point so I made a few aprons before and started on a Christmas Tree Skirt for my tree with Kitten Mom and Sweetie pants Drew

you see here I was already getting ahead of myself, I had about 10 projects at home and started a big one. But I was learning from Kitten Mom who has already made a gorgeous tree skirt for her house and is working on her second for a gift. (Girl just had a baby and is already making gifts for others, insane!!). So my ADD self got into the tree skirt big time until it was time for Thanksgiving.
Then I was all about setting a pretty table with my china and making some freaking good food!

So tonight I realized that I have to send the apron tomorrow... as in not today, tomorrow! CRAP....
But Schmoop and his twin were busy with the game so I got all domesticated and made some Snickerdoodles and the much awaited apron. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, I love the peas since she's a veggie too. I'm improving bit by bit with this sewing stuff and I like it!!!

Finally the Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles-Preheat oven to 400 degrees
1 Cup Butter
1 1/2 Cup Sugar
2 Eggs
Blend Together
Separately stir together
2 3/4 cups flour
2 Tsp Cream of Tartar
1 Tsp Baking Soda
1/4 Tsp Salt
Once blended mix in with the wet ingredients. Form walnut size balls and roll into a cinnamon and sugar mixture. Place on a baking sheet 2 inches apart and bake for 8-10 minutes. Mmmmmm :)

Poor Girl-False Alarm

No babies yet, I'll let you know.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Great Aunt

Oh my gosh so my niece Kaitlin is in labor right now with her twins!! I'm so excited, I'm going to drive to MD to go see her and hopefully give her some support!
I'm going to be a Great Aunt!!!! I can't wait to see my little great niece and nephew!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Just a note

If one finds out they are allergic to dairy, said person shouldn't seek out all dairy that is available for consumption it probably will not make them feel good.
Not saying I did this or anything, I would never even think of ordering pizza's for the game last night or putting cheese in anything that was served on Thanksgiving or having egg nog; wouldn't even consider having some ice cream on top of my apple pie thank you very much....

Friday, November 23, 2007

Interesting Night

So Schmoop and I decided we needed a new tv. His tv made this horrible high pitch noise that drove me madd, so we decided to partake in the Black Friday Craziness. After having Thanksgiving Dinner at our house (turned out very lovely with tons of leftovers) we went over to Best Buy at about 6:30, much to our suprise there were about 50 people ahead of us. We stayed despite the bleak outlook and much to our suprise 11.5 hours later we walked out of Best Buy with a 42" Panasonic Plasma, overkill much?
Anyway I'm dying, I didn't sleep last night and Dirkey NEEDS her sleep!!!
So thats about it.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

So tired

gobble gobble thats it, stupid NABLOPOMO
very thankful though, talk tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Lurkey Do and Turkey Lurkey Dickle

So tomorrow's Turkey Day, Schmoop and I are spending our first Thanksgiving together at our house with his family. Its been interesting planning as my SIL is making the turkey and some of the other things and bringing them over. I'm making a majority of the other stuff, mashed potatoes, stuffing, Trace's pumpkin-chocolate-chip-cookies , Michelle's Corn Pudding Bake , Green Bean Casserole , apple-cranberry-crisp-with-pecan-topping- , Caramel Chocolate Walnut Torte, Pumpkin Pie. And all the fun little treats the celery and cheese appetizers my family loves, the olives, pickles, the stuff to serve with desserts mints, little chocolates, etc.
Its another learning lesson about being a part of another family. I come from a large family and we have traditions for EVERYTHING and every holiday. I am used to helping my mom with a house full of people way before dinner even happens. Schmoops family is very small, much quieter and they really don't do anything for any holiday. Its hard for me because I love holiday's, its so fun being together and spending time getting things all set and pretty. I've spent other holiday's away from my family but it is usually with like minded people so it felt like I was with my family. Just another learning lesson, blending in with one family without losing sight of the things that make the holidays special to me. In that respect I'm glad we are having dinner at our house as I can still do a few of the elements that are special to me, saying a prayer that my grandmother wrote before dinner, having the little touches that will make it more like home. We shall see, one things for sure I will miss the skeet shooting after dinner!!
This afternoon Schmoop and I are going over to Center City to give out lunches to the homeless with my church. A new tradition for our new family.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beyotch Medicine

So I've been ordering from Frontier coop with some ladies near me. This months order seemed to have a theme for me. I got some Bach's Rescue Remedy which is a stress reducer, you're supposed to put a few drops on your tongue when you feel a stressful situation coming up (PMS, or Helloooo THANKSGIVING!). Also I got some Red Rasberry Leaf which is also supposed to help with those crazy hormones us girls are proned too. So I should be a much happier Dirkey, I'll let you know how it goes after Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mmmmm Vacation

So Schmoop and I took off the few days before Thanksgiving to just relax together. We woke up late this morning and lounged around the house for a little bit. Then we took off over to Philly and walked around South Street, this is where we realized how truly old we were. :) There are alot of really trendy stores on South Street, Schmoop found some fun superhero tshirts but didn't buy any because of his already full superhero tshirt closet. From there we went to Reading Terminal Market and walked around. It has a ton of fresh vegetables, cheeses, meats, etc. Its a neat place to just walk around and window shop, we did end up buying some apple wine to do the mulled apple wine again that we had before (it was soo yummie!!). From there we went to a Thai-French Restaurant for dinner, that was just amazing. Then topped off the whole day at the Christmas Tree Store, picked up a couple of Christmas gifts then headed home.
I love spending time with my wonderful Schmoop. He has the best heart of anyone I have ever met. I've never met anyone so kind-hearted, he really desires for everyone to get along and sees the best in people. Just having him next to me sooths me and reminds me that God has a plan for me and for our life together. Life is really better than I ever could have imagined, I'm very blessed. Oh yeah, and Thankful!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pet Pieve #26 Dogs in public

One of my big pet pieves are the people who use dogs as "accessories". People who get dogs and then bring them around with them say to the grocery store, mall, movie theater. Seriously these are all places that I have seen people bring their dogs and I don't get it. I love me some puppies but I don't understand what motivates people to bring them EVERYWHERE!! There are places that are puppy friendly like Pet Smart, Parks, your backyard; why do people feel the need to bring them places where they just don't belong. Seems like its a blatant disrespect for people who are allergic or have fears of dogs not to mention sanitary reasons (grocery stores!!! blech). Not to mention just doesn't seem so nice to the puppy do they really want to be held the whole time you are out?
What do you think? Do they belong or should you spend more time in puppy friendly places with your pooch?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007


So tonight is my last show of the season and I'm looking forward to a WHOLE week at home with my honey. We don't have any plans at all just relaxing and getting ready for Thanksgiving. We are having his family over (his twin brother, wife and daughter, his parents) its a very small Thanksgiving to me coming from such a large family but it should be nice. My SIL Renee is cooking with me and we are making some awesome recipes! I will miss being with my family and all the hick goodness that ensues (we usually go skeet shooting after dinner). I am also hoping that we get the Christmas decorations up too :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Way More Excited Than I Should Be

Thank you! You have successfully enrolled in the Philips Sonicare Essence Test. Your test package should arrive within 20 business days. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Free stuff rocks my world, my very very very small world. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nice Night

So Kitten mom and I went out to Joanne fabrics tonight and got stuff to make tree skirts and started assembling. It was a nice night just spending time with her and seeing her little guy, being super crafty geniouses as well as watching my first Christmas movie of the year!!
Nice :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Apron Giveaway!

So the Apronista is giving away one of my favorite all time aprons from Carolyn's Kitchen. I would love to win one of the Dorothy Apron's in Pink as its too freaking adorable for words!!!

My dear cutie

Hey All,
I'll ask if you can say some prayers for my sweet Emmie she is in the hospital and has been off and on this month. She's been throwing up and the doctors can't seem to stop it and now they think that she tore her esophagus (it took me like ten minutes to figure out how to spell that). Emmie is such a sweetie and a trooper so all your prayers and thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Venture

So I've been thinking this over for awhile and I have finally taken the step. I sent away for my certification material and my recommended reading from Dona to become a Birth Doula. I'm very excited about this and can't wait to get started and dig into this material! What an amazing thing to be a support to women in this time in their life!
A few friends of mine and I went to see "The Business of Being Born" the documentary by Ricky Lake and it was to say the least, eye opening. I think all women of child bearing age should watch this. Women in this country are being faulted by our medical community, they are sent to flounder in a system set up against them and their bodies without being given the tools and the knowledge they need. Scare tactics are being used against women for doctors convenience. Our country is one of the worst developed countries in the world as far as cesarean sections and also infant mortality (its in the bottom two); yet nothing is being done to change this and to reverse this trend. According to the World Health Organization only 10-15% of women are in need of a c-section, in the US our average is more than double and rising. I know personally that I'm just learning about my body and the actual process of birth. I had know idea the chemical and physical change that your body undergoes in labor, its AMAZING how it all works together.
Well enough of this rant, I'm sure there will be more in the future.
I'm very curious of my mom readers, can you tell me your birth stories and how you felt about the whole process in general? Oh yeah, and if you live in NJ; want to have me at your birth? :) I'll bring you ice chips and cheer you on!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Photo Hunters Flexible

Princess Hanastasia contortioning her way into the cat crate, that kid is crazy flexible!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

So many levels

My job is awesome for a bunch of reasons one of them being it lets me take a bunch of cool pictures.
Here is our concert from last night; David Crowder, Phil Wickham and the Myriad

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Change Change Change....

So I've been attending the same church for about 10 years and it looks like its time to change it up. Not because I'm upset over anything but just because its so far from home. Schmoop and I would like to get involved with our neighborhood and our church but it doesn't seem like we can do that when we commute so far for church. So it seems we are church hunting right now. Its a weird place to be, I've never searched before. It will be good to get to know more people in my area but it will also be hard letting go of a place and people that I love dearly. At least we can still be friends.
weird sounds like I'm breaking up with my church.
"Congregation, I just want you to know its me not you, your great, really... I'm just not ready for this type of commitment this long distance relationship is just too much for me."
We'll see how the hunt goes. :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

As threatening as a puppy

free dating sites

Fun Way to be Heard

I joined She-speaks awhile ago and I have to say I'm really enjoying it.
I feel like I have a say in things and my opinion matters. You don't get money for your opinions but you do get free products and if you know me you know I like free! So far I've gotten a subscription to Cottage Living, some Jonathan hair products and also a tube of 1/2 lipgloss/teeth-whitener. They send you the stuff you tell them what you think and you get to keep whatever it is they send you.
Its fun Sign up!!!

The most awesome thing on the internet

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wealthy in America

I saw this story on Yahoo about the United States and it said if you make over 40k you make more than half the people in America. Is this true do you think? This is considered household income not just one person. If so then Schmoop and I need to work at being way more frugal than we are because if so many can live on so little we are doing something wrong. I've travelled to third world countries and seen the need and devestation lack of funds can bring and it has stayed with me to my personal life. Schmoop and I believe there are some things that you just can't give enough money too but how about in our personal life. Are we being good stewards of whats been given to us? If this the below chart is true we are alot more accountable than I had originally thought. Here is the breakdown that they gave:
Income level (percentile) Median income (rounded)
Level VI (90 to 100) $170,000
Level V (80 to 89.9) $99,000
Level IV (60 to 79.9) $65,000
Level III (40 to 59.9) $40,000
Level II (20 to 39.9) $24,000
Level I (less than 20) $10,000
How does it make you feel?

Monday, November 05, 2007


Tonight I'm making my dad his birthday dinner, he cracks me up because he can have whatever he wants and I asked him what he wanted and this is what he said...
"Well hmm you know those curly noodles they look like acordians, I want those. Also some Ragu sauce (the man can have whatever he wants and he asks for Ragu). Then take some ground beef and mix it in and top it off with mozzarella."
Hey said this with his hands brought up to his face in anticipation tapping his fingers together and with a gleam in his eye like he wanted a Red Rider BB gun.
Talk about low expectations, I think he's getting bored of his retirement staple of eating at diners and bringing the leftovers home for the next day.
What really floored me though was dessert, I offered a pie or a cake and his eyes glazed over and his fingers tapped excitedly

"no I want Tapioca pudding"
I laugh whenever I think of this little exchange we had.

Little does he know the Tapioca pudding was made with coconut milk ha ha ha......
The rest of it I'm going to make as he specified but I'm going to make mine separate without the meat or cheese. Maybe I'll throw some seiton in for some texture. Since we are back on the wagon
Schmoop and I have a rule that when we eat out we can eat whatever we want (meat and dairy included). Well it seems we've been eating out alot lately with our trip to Chicago a couple of weeks ago and just not being home alot. We are really going to try and make the effort to cook alot more. I made a big batch of chili so we froze some of it and put some of it in the fridge; I'm figuring that will be a good thing to grab when we're busy or don't have time to cook.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday Breakdown

I had a good weekend.
Sat we went to see my nephew kick some karate butt at his tournement. He did so good and it was so cute watching him do his kicks and break 3 boards!
I went to a party lite party later on at my Sister In Law's house. She had this awesome chicken salad, seriously the best I've ever had, yum! (yeah I know not Vegan but it was soo good!!). Then we had an extra hour sleep last night!! Dirkey loves her sleep!
Today we woke up early so we decided to go to breakfast before church and ended up missing church. Schmoop and I walked around and looked at some antique cars and then met up with his parents at the mall. It was a long day but a good one and I'm ready for my week this week :)
I was going to look on you tube for something interesting (yeah I know getting desperate in the 4th day of this NABLOPOMO. You guys are screwed if I don't start getting alot more interesting.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

We have a winner!! is the winner of my hand made apron! I was so happy when I checked out her blog and saw that it matched the apron I made! Also poor girl was using her robe!!
This was fun, I'm thinking of maybe doing a giveaway a month so keep checking back!!!

Photo Hunters-Classic

Some classic pumpkin action
Carved by my wonderful schmoop on Halloween

Friday, November 02, 2007

Day 2-Nablopomo

so yeah I decided to do this thing too. I did it last year and it was fun, we'll see how this year goes. Its only thirty days right? Shouldn't kill me! ;)

I'm so excited for this weekend. Tonight we have a concert for work down in Deleware. Then tomorrow morning I have a Karate tournament for my nephew, then a housewarming party, then a party lite party at my R-sis's. Sunday I don't think we have anything and I definitely want to keep it that way :) Maybe spend a snuggle day!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hey Hey its Day 1

I'm going to tell you a little story about last night. I'm whats known as a celebrator. I love to celebrate everything. Come within 5 feet of me near Christmas time and you'll get covered in tinsel. Well last night was Halloween and our first married one in our new house at that and I was so excited! I had the night planned. I had the candy in the dishes, organic lollipops and chocolate (so we wouldn't get egged). We had our pumpkins sitting on the front porch just itching to get carved and I was just waiting for the hubby to get home to carve with me. Well he gets home with some dinner and I tell him my idea and he says "Do I have to"; seriously how did a celebrator marry a fuddy duddy like that! I started questioning everything I've ever known to be true. I love this man, how can he not throw everything he is into celebrating whatever holiday, season, etc there is. Schmoop noticed my distress and begrudgingly obliged. We get outside and he's like ok how do I do it, so I turn him to the internet to look up some designs for his pumpkin. So we started carving and carving and carving and don't you know, I see a smile on my schmoops face and he starts to get pretty into it. Going inside for toothpicks to attach pumpkin teeth and such. I can just tell that this is definitely going to be a yearly tradition. My Schmoop is one of those closet celebrators, I can heave a sigh of releaf; I did marry the right man.

Schmoops ended up being better than mine! Go figure!!
Mine is the saddest looking Jack O Lantern ever!!

picture of snow white checking her reflection

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pictures of our princess

Princess Hannah is Jason's and my niece isn't she sweet!!!


I grew up on a very rural road with maybe 15 families on it in a two mile radius from my house. Every Halloween my dad would take me to the neighborhood that my family had lived in before and walk me around. He had ulterior motives there was a guy who gave away hot dogs and soda to everyone who walked by. The Halloween that was most vivid to me was one where I dressed like Mac Tonight, the 80's McDonalds commercial where its the guy who has a half moon as a head and wears a suit and sings "Come on make it Mac tonight". My brother was originally going to be him but decided against it so I took up the rest of the costume. It was made from wire hangers and paper mache that was painstakingly applied and painted white afterward. I don't remember seeing well in it or people knowing what I was but I loved that costume.

One year we were driving home from this neighborhood and there was a deer in the middle of the road. My dad lost control of the car trying to avoid it and we were all over the place on one side of the road then the other, back and forth, I remember seeing the headlights of an oncoming huge tractor trailer. It was the first time I saw my life flash before my eyes. My dad got control of the truck right before we were about to run into the tractor trailer, the rest of the drive was very awkward.

When I became old enough that walking with my dad wasn't cool anymore I started going with my best friend Amanda. My dad would drive me the half hour over to her house and then two of our other friends would meet us there and we would go out. She also lived on a bad road for Trick or Treating so her dad would drop us off at a neighborhood near there. We would laugh and walk around and get ridiculous amounts of candy. One of her friends from school lived in that neighborhood and on our last year or Trick or Treating we stopped in on a Halloween party at her house. We were probably about thirteen then, I remember that song To Be With You was really popular. All the girls at the party were singing the song, our little group of four was probably the loudest proudly singing into our thumbs. Amanda died my senior year in high school near that little neighborhood we used to go trick or treating in. Whenever I hear Mr. Big or think of Trick or Treating I always think of the good times we had back when we were kids and how my love of karaoke was shaped at a very young age with some very good friends. Happy Halloween!

Mr.Big - To Be With You

Hold on little girl
Show me what he's done to you
Stand up little girl
A broken heart can't be that bad
When it's through, it's through
Fate will twist the both of you
So come on baby come on over
Let me be the one to show you

I'm the one who wants to be with you
Deep inside I hope you feel it too
Waited on a line of greens and blues
Just to be the next to be with you

Build up your confidence
So you can be on top for once
wake up who cares about
Little boys that talk too much
I've seen it all go down
Your game of love was all rained out
So come on baby, come on over
Let me be the one to hold you


Why be alone when we can be together baby
You can make my life worthwhile
And I can make you start to smile

When it's through, it's through
Fate will twist the both of you
So come on baby come on over
Let me be the one to show you

Wordless Wednesday-Pop Pop Seat

Picture of my Gracie taken by Dirkey in her Pop-pop seat

New Layout

So I've been working under that Barbie pink way too long. Now that its fall I decided to break out my earth colors and do a redesign. I'm also playing with photoshop a little bit. The masthead is my first and I plan to do alot more tweaking with my next one. This is just a silly picture I took of my precious Schmoop and I'm nothing if I'm not corny :) I had fun messing with the colors and lighting and learning some new things from my oh so talented husband.
What do you think?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Update on my fall sewing

So I downloaded a pattern for my fall apron giveaway yesterday and was determined to start last night. Don't you know I started and finished!! It turned out so stinking cute! I brought it into work and my friend Barb said she wanted it and asked me how much I would charge for it, so fun! Its all turquoise and blues, Mama K and I went to Jo Anne Fabrics and found some awesome materials and funky decorations to make some more. I have to make one more for a swap I'm doing then I'm going to make some for Christmas gifts.
I'll put the link up for the pattern later on, its at home but its pretty simple. I'm going to modify the next one a little bit.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall Giveaway-A fun handsewn apron!

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Hi All,
I'm giving away an apron! I'm going to sew it all by my lonesome and cover shipping to any U.S. residence. If you would like to enter just leave a comment, this is open to bloggers, non-bloggers and lurkers alike!
I will announce the winner on Friday and will mail out the apron on Monday.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I sooo want this

This is by far the best purse I've ever seen. Step aside my little bee Dooney and Burke purse (a gift from the MIL) cause this is definitely my next purse. In case you can't see the moustache is fake fur thats applied to the face. I'm in love, with a purse. :)
I love Chicago

Photo Hunters Pink

I like the pinks in this sunset :)

Solicitation at its best

Please vote for my brother, he knows nothing about this but it will be so funny when he finds out he wins.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The most common response I get when I say we're trying to go organic to decrease the chemical exposure is that, hey we grew up with it and we're ok. While I think its true that we did grow up with some harmful chemicals that are now regulated they definitely substituted those with some other chemicals which are just as harmful. Also the chemicals we have now are in EVERYTHING and seen as a benifit (ie the item being flame retardent, scotchguarded, etc). Mama K sent me an article and it had this statement in it and it really struck me.
"'We are in an epidemic of environmentally mediated disease among American children today... Rates of asthma, childhood cancers, birth defects and development disorders have exponentially increased, and it can't be explained by changes in the human genome. So what has changed? All the chemicals we're being exposed to.' says Dr. Leo Trasande, assistant director of the Center for Children's Health and the environment at Mount Sinai Medical Center," notes the CNN article.

So I'm just going to say you don't need to agree with me or do things like me but you need to research things on your own and determine what is "safe" for your family.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Wow another interesting organic article

Here is another article I found today
this is pretty interesting and a good place to start.

Hmm in reguards to any pics I have maybe I'll start listing things I've checked out on a weekly basis as far as organic house hold objects.
I looked into furniture and I think next time I'm in the market for some I will buy some This End Up furniture and make the cushions myself. This seems to be the cheapest and best option (I would check Craigs List or Ebay to see if I could find some second hand).

I'm jonesing for a Keetsa mattress right now but that will have to wait a little bit.


If this doesn't reinforce wanted to live organically I don't know what would

This is a scary article, definitely reinforces what I'm starting to learn about. Its amazing the chemicals that we are in constant contact that we don't even think about!!! Please read to the finish.
NEW YORK (CNN) -- Michelle Hammond and Jeremiah Holland were intrigued when a friend at the Oakland Tribune asked them and their two young children to take part in a cutting-edge study to measure the industrial chemicals in their bodies.


Tests showed that Rowan, at 18 months, had high levels of a chemical in his bloodstream that can cause thyroid dysfunction in rats.

"In the beginning, I wasn't worried at all; I was fascinated," Hammond, 37, recalled.

But that fascination soon changed to fear, as tests revealed that their children -- Rowan, then 18 months, and Mikaela, then 5 -- had chemical exposure levels up to seven times those of their parents.

"[Rowan's] been on this planet for 18 months, and he's loaded with a chemical I've never heard of," Holland, 37, said. "He had two to three times the level of flame retardants in his body that's been known to cause thyroid dysfunction in lab rats."

The technology to test for these flame retardants -- known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) -- and other industrial chemicals is less than 10 years old. Environmentalists call it "body burden" testing, an allusion to the chemical "burden," or legacy of toxins, running through our bloodstream. Scientists refer to this testing as "biomonitoring."

Most Americans haven't heard of body burden testing, but it's a hot topic among environmentalists and public health experts who warn that the industrial chemicals we come into contact with every day are accumulating in our bodies and endangering our health in ways we have yet to understand. See which household products contain industrial chemicals »
Planet in Peril
Anderson Cooper, Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin & Dr. Sanjay Gupta explore the Earth's environmental issues in a CNN worldwide investigation.
October 23-24 at 9 p.m. ET on CNN
see full schedule »

"We are the humans in a dangerous and unnatural experiment in the United States, and I think it's unconscionable," said Dr. Leo Trasande, assistant director of the Center for Children's Health and the Environment at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Video Watch Anderson Cooper get his blood drawn for testing »

Dr. Trasande says that industrial toxins could be leading to more childhood disease and disorders.

"We are in an epidemic of environmentally mediated disease among American children today," he said. "Rates of asthma, childhood cancers, birth defects and developmental disorders have exponentially increased, and it can't be explained by changes in the human genome. So what has changed? All the chemicals we're being exposed to."

Elizabeth Whelan, president of the American Council on Science and Health, a public health advocacy group, disagrees.

"My concern about this trend about measuring chemicals in the blood is it's leading people to believe that the mere ability to detect chemicals is the same as proving a hazard, that if you have this chemical, you are at risk of a disease, and that is false," she said. Whelan contends that trace levels of industrial chemicals in our bodies do not necessarily pose health risks.

In 2004, the Hollands became the first intact nuclear family in the United States to undergo body burden testing. Rowan, at just 1½ years old, became the youngest child in the U.S. to be tested for chemical exposure with this method.

Rowan's extraordinarily high levels of PBDEs frightened his parents and left them with a looming question: If PBDEs are causing neurological damage to lab rats, could they be doing the same thing to Rowan? The answer is that no one knows for sure. In the three years since he was tested, no developmental problems have been found in Rowan's neurological system.

Dr. Trasande said children up to six years old are most at risk because their vital organs and immune system are still developing and because they depend more heavily on their environments than adults do.

"Pound for pound, they eat more food, they drink more water, they breathe in more air," he said. "And so [children] carry a higher body burden than we do."

Studies on the health effects of PBDEs are only just beginning, but many countries have heeded the warning signs they see in animal studies. Sweden banned PBDEs in 1998. The European Union banned most PBDEs in 2004. In the United States, the sole manufacturer of two kinds of PBDEs voluntarily stopped making them in 2004. A third kind, Deca, is still used in the U.S. in electrical equipment, construction material, mattresses and textiles.

Another class of chemicals that showed up in high levels in the Holland children is known as phthalates. These are plasticizers, the softening agents found in many plastic bottles, kitchenware, toys, medical devices, personal care products and cosmetics. In lab animals, phthalates have been associated with reproductive defects, obesity and early puberty. But like PBDEs, little is known about what they do to humans and specifically children.

Russ Hauser, an associate professor of environmental and occupational epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, has done some of the few human studies on low-level phthalate exposure. His preliminary research shows that phthalates may contribute to infertility in men. A study led by Shanna Swan of the University of Rochester in New York shows that prenatal exposure to phthalates in males may be associated with impaired testicular function and with a defect that shortens the space between the genitals and anus.

The Environmental Protection Agency does not require chemical manufacturers to conduct human toxicity studies before approving their chemicals for use in the market. A manufacturer simply has to submit paperwork on a chemical, all the data that exists on that chemical to date, and wait 90 days for approval.

Jennifer Wood, an EPA spokeswoman, insists the agency has the tools to ensure safe oversight.

"If during the new-chemical review process, EPA determines that it may have concerns regarding risk or exposure, the EPA has the authority to require additional testing," she said. EPA records show that of the 1,500 new chemicals submitted each year, the agency asks for additional testing roughly 10 percent of the time. The EPA has set up a voluntary testing program with the major chemical manufacturers to retroactively test some of the 3,000 most widely used chemicals.

Dr. Trasande believes that is too little, too late.

"The problem with these tests is that they are really baseline tests that don't measure for the kind of subtle health problems that we're seeing," Dr. Trasande said.

In the three years since her family went through body burden testing, Michelle Hammond has become an activist on the issue. She's testified twice in the California legislature to support a statewide body burden testing program, a bill that passed last year. Michelle also speaks to various public health groups about her experience, taking Mikaela, now 8, and Rowan, now 5, with her. So far, her children show no health problems associated with the industrial chemicals in their bodies.

"I'm angry at my government for failing to regulate chemicals that are in mass production and in consumer products." Hammond says. "I don't think it should have to be up to me to worry about what's in my couch."

I have problems with her last statement though
Hammond says. "I don't think it should have to be up to me to worry about what's in my couch."
obviously it is up to us to worry about these things. Hopefully by making a statement with our pocketbooks and with our lifestyles we can make such an impact that our kids won't have to worry about whats in our couch. In my opinion it comes from demanding more stuff, in order to have the abundance those things have to be made cheaply. By purchasing from the dollar store and supporting companies with these types of manufacturing practices we are advocating and fundraising for this type of horror. By not educating ourselves about the places we choose to purchase our things from we are choosing this nightmare for our children.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Things You Shouldn't Buy Online

Custom Framing-well from anyway the color representation is far from accurate on their Mats. I ordered a nice soft yellow border on a huge picture for above our fireplace and I got a McDonalds looking border (which is especially nice with our red velvet drapes). We just need a slide that goes from the kitchen into the family room to complete the look or we could just turn that fireplace into a drive thru and start earning our mortgage.

Which brings me to another point why is it drive thru, is through to hard for people to write?

So anyway stands behind their products one hundred percent as long as you pay for shipping and handling(if they really stood behind their products I would think they would fix this at no cost to the customer), which is a small fortune for something like this so I'm just going to buy the mat from a local frame shop. I priced it out and its about $25 which will be much cheaper than the shipping back and forth.

You may have seen this picture on an earlier post on how much I love my living room. I really was trying to convince myself that I also loved this mat but I don't.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Song of the Disco Ball

Song of the disco ball
So once apon a time
Courtney and Kristi boogied down
it was a disco contest to win
and they did, a disco ball
Kristi was greedy
and kept it at her house
5 long years
it was suspended from her ceiling
till one day
Courtney asked for it back
Kristi realized she was being greedy
so quickly took it down
in preparation for its new home
it sat on a shelf
lonely in the laundry room waiting
till one day
Kristi cleaned
and moved a paper
and the disco ball dropped on her toe
and she didn't realize
exactly how heavy
all those mirrors would be
and she cried
cause it hurt.

Wordless Wednesday-Love