Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday Breakdown

I had a good weekend.
Sat we went to see my nephew kick some karate butt at his tournement. He did so good and it was so cute watching him do his kicks and break 3 boards!
I went to a party lite party later on at my Sister In Law's house. She had this awesome chicken salad, seriously the best I've ever had, yum! (yeah I know not Vegan but it was soo good!!). Then we had an extra hour sleep last night!! Dirkey loves her sleep!
Today we woke up early so we decided to go to breakfast before church and ended up missing church. Schmoop and I walked around and looked at some antique cars and then met up with his parents at the mall. It was a long day but a good one and I'm ready for my week this week :)
I was going to look on you tube for something interesting (yeah I know getting desperate in the 4th day of this NABLOPOMO. You guys are screwed if I don't start getting alot more interesting.

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