Monday, November 19, 2007

Mmmmm Vacation

So Schmoop and I took off the few days before Thanksgiving to just relax together. We woke up late this morning and lounged around the house for a little bit. Then we took off over to Philly and walked around South Street, this is where we realized how truly old we were. :) There are alot of really trendy stores on South Street, Schmoop found some fun superhero tshirts but didn't buy any because of his already full superhero tshirt closet. From there we went to Reading Terminal Market and walked around. It has a ton of fresh vegetables, cheeses, meats, etc. Its a neat place to just walk around and window shop, we did end up buying some apple wine to do the mulled apple wine again that we had before (it was soo yummie!!). From there we went to a Thai-French Restaurant for dinner, that was just amazing. Then topped off the whole day at the Christmas Tree Store, picked up a couple of Christmas gifts then headed home.
I love spending time with my wonderful Schmoop. He has the best heart of anyone I have ever met. I've never met anyone so kind-hearted, he really desires for everyone to get along and sees the best in people. Just having him next to me sooths me and reminds me that God has a plan for me and for our life together. Life is really better than I ever could have imagined, I'm very blessed. Oh yeah, and Thankful!

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Trace said...

Did you go into Old City? (right next to South Street) There are a lot of restaurants and trendy stores in that area.

Also, I understand the Lights of Liberty is a great show!! I think they only have it during the warmer months because it is outside, but I have heard it is a must-see. I plan on getting one of my parents (haven't decided yet) a gift certificate for the next appropriate occasion.