Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pet Pieve #26 Dogs in public

One of my big pet pieves are the people who use dogs as "accessories". People who get dogs and then bring them around with them say to the grocery store, mall, movie theater. Seriously these are all places that I have seen people bring their dogs and I don't get it. I love me some puppies but I don't understand what motivates people to bring them EVERYWHERE!! There are places that are puppy friendly like Pet Smart, Parks, your backyard; why do people feel the need to bring them places where they just don't belong. Seems like its a blatant disrespect for people who are allergic or have fears of dogs not to mention sanitary reasons (grocery stores!!! blech). Not to mention just doesn't seem so nice to the puppy do they really want to be held the whole time you are out?
What do you think? Do they belong or should you spend more time in puppy friendly places with your pooch?


mama k said...

Once we were walking on the boardwalk and DH said, "thats a nice stroller" (We were in the midst of that baby registry thing.) But when we got closer it was a DOG STROLLER! That's right, a stroller made for a dog.
So you buy a stroller, I doubt it was cheap, just so you can push your pet around instead of letting them walk.
so weird.

Trace said...

Many people bring the handbag dogs into the mall, home depot, the local coffee shop, etc. It drives me nuts.

My dog pet peeve is when I see someone walking their dog and talking on their cell phone. Ok, it's not that interesting, but your dog loves you and has devoted his life to you can't you take that 15-20 minutes to be w/your dog?