Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Kalamazoo Michigan

We went into a Hallmark and there were tee shirts that said "Yes there is really a Kalamazoo!" I didn't buy the tshirt but i can vouch for the town, it really is here. They also have really good fries. I came here with my dad and my two brothers for my cousin Patrick's funeral. Flew in last night and leaving tomorrow. After the funeral we went out to a steakhouse and then on a walk. One thing I will say for Michigan is that they have really nice walking trails. Thats about all I'll say right now but here are some pics.

Uncle Bill and Walter

nice view from the walking trail


cool tree

Schmoops on the web

Please see link on the side for my wonderful schmoop, he's pretty funny/cute..

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

ww week 7

So this week I stayed on point, counted everything and gained 5 lbs. I'm pretty sure that its all water weight and bloat. Still I'm suprised at how proud of myself I am, I know that I am doing what I need and that the weight will eventually come off. The numbers don't matter I'm doing what I need to do. I went to two parties in one day on Saterday and didn't go over my points. I gained 5lbs but i'm proud. Go figure....
But still no double chin... That I can be really happy about :)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

ww week 6

So it was week 6. One time i heard you have to do something for 6 days straight then it becomes a habit. Well in this case six weeks in, its become a habit. The thing i like about weight watchers is that its not a diet, this is teaching me what my body needs. Its teaching me to treat it well. I hope and pray this will be a habit for the rest of my life.
soooo wanna know what the outcome of this week was, do you? You curious at all? Well I'll tell you one thing i'm happy about, not sure if its just the picture but there is no DOUBLE CHIN in this weeks picture. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I was waiting for that(grrr freaking extra body parts). Oh yeah and i lost two pounds!! Yeah thats for 16.5 total! WOO!!!!
I also got some software from my very fit brother and his wife called Fit Day, its slightly addictive and I'm using it in conjunction with WW right now to try and compare. :)
Here's the pic :)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Would you eat it? Lightfile Smart Strips-serving 1pt

Last night I drove to the grocery store looking for something low in points for dinner. I was over in the organic section of the produce department and saw Smart strips. Hmmm interesting, chicken strips made out of something other than chicken. Not such a big draw because i'm not vegetarian (this week anyway), but i turned it over and 3oz for 1 point!! I made my decision ladies and gentleman!!

I sauteed these with 1/2 vidallia onion, one green pepper, one red pepper, a little bit of water and some spices. And the outcome is this:

The whole thing was two points, if you wanted you could have added some essential oils and increase the points, but i was going for straight low point foods. This ended up being pretty good, the "chicken" had a strange consistancy, kind of like the "chicken" you get at some fast food places. It actually had a chicken flavor which was a little disconcerting to me since it wasn't chicken but hey, it was two points. That amt of chicken would have been 6pts.
Overall i would eat it again.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WW week 5

man i just typed this all out and then tried to spell check and i lost it all!
That stinks!!

Ok so i was saying... Last week bought a digi scale, took it home (ha ha just typed homo) and it is 2.5 lbs higher than my old scale. I'm going to eat it though, cause i don't feel like adjusting everything. So this week i lost 1.5 lbs (really 4); for a grand total of 14.5 lbs!! Woo hoo, this is an average of 2.9lbs a week!!!

Also i was saying that I've been learning something about myself through this whole self portrait wednesday. I always gravitate to wear the same color every Wednesday. I looked back through my old pics and they are all actually different shirts just the SAME EXACT COLOR!! weird....
so here's my updated week 5 picture, i swear this is mostly for Anna's amusement...

Picture from WXTU fest

This is the only pic i have from the WXTU festival. We had a great time though got there around 3 or 4 and stayed till about 11. Phil Vassar and Big and Rich were my favorites, Cowboy Troy was my least favorite. He sounded like a white boy rapping, how is that. I thought that type of humiliation was reserved for white people, I guess not. Well maybe thats why he's a country rapper. Hmmmm..
Anyways i promised i would send a picture of Schmoop and i in our cowboy hats but mine was a dollar purchase at target and didnt exactly flatter or fit. It flew off on the way into the concert.. :)

this picture of me makes me laugh...

and since we could all use a good giggle

i call this picture "trying to discretly take a updated picture in panera cause they have free wifi"



Friday, June 09, 2006

wxtu fest

Things to look forward too
Pictures of schmoop and i in our cowboy hats :)
Stay tuned :)

Month One on WW

Well i joined ww online last month. This month is full of changes, instead of having a brownie and full fat ice cream for breakfast i just have light breyers.. No brownies.. I've been drinking more than just diet soda, my body used to bleed dt cherry coke now its slightly dilluted.. I see myself being more active, trying to get some extra excercize where i can. Most importantly looking forward to what next month brings. :)

Lets see here is the pic from the beginning of this first month i had on ww

Here is the end -13 lbs :)

pics week 3 and 4

So here are the pics from last week and this week..
Hmm not too much difference but i'm guessing I should prob post every 10lbs or one month or something.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm going to graceland, graceland.. memphis tennassee

I love that song and that town. Jason and i are headed to Chachki paradise, we just booked our flight, rental car and hotel room for July 1-4th. So cute, we're leaving on our six month anniversary! :) I can't wait!!!
I went a few years ago and made some fatal errors.
1. when i found the dress up elvis magnets (think paper doll elvis with interchangable clothes on magnets) I only bought the one pack. I need more, Elvis is getting sick of his gold lame outfit and his blue suede shoes. HE NEEDS VARIETY PEOPLE!! Oh and one of his arms fell off.
2. I didn't go to Sun Studios, birthplace of the careers of both Elvis and Johnny Cash.. (Hanging my head in shame)
3. I went to the Peabody Hotel, but did NOT see the changing of the Ducks.. I did see the ducks house on the roof but not the changing which I've heard is a magical experience.
4. I brought someone with me who forced me to go to the ghetto to get a money order, TWICE! This person was also in high school and brought that stupid doll that kids have to take care of that screams until you put a key in its back. Lets just say this person almost died.

Hope Jason will see that my love for Elvis in no way lessens my love for him. It is completely different for one, elvis is dead, there are other reasons too, but thats a different post for a different day..
Thank you, thank you very much...

ww week 4

Down 2lbs for a total loss of 13 lbs in one month!! woo hoo!! :)

I'm so proud of this, I did not go over any of my points this whole month, and have been trying to incorporate better behaviors every day. I've started actually drinking all my water and even though i have ice cream for breakfast every day it gets my dairy in. :)

So heres to another month on point!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

bla bla bla

Schmoop just left for his job interview so i have about an hour and change to kill in NYC.. what to do what to do..
I have to buy a shirt cause mine is all coffified (filled with spilled coffee), go figure right..

Sunday, June 04, 2006

ww week 3-exactly the same

so weigh in was this wednesday but my wonderful schmoop was fixing my computer so no update

i just got my new and improved virus-free computer back this weekend.

so heres the update.. EXACTLY THE SAME
HRMPHHHHH! Oh well, 11 pounds down in 3 weeks is good.
I've been doing good this week drinking lots of water and trying to excercise more so we shall see what the scale says this week :)

wow i should update more with Schmoop sitting next to me, he makes sure that i'm spelling correctly and making sense.. amazing isn't it..