Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Month Newsletter

Dear Buggy,
Here we are, another month gone by, it is going so fast! You have changed so much this past month! As usual it was pretty eventful and busy with your very first vacation, spending time with family and doing our normal stuff.

I was so worried about vacation it was crazy, you have never been the greatest for car rides and my anxiety was high. You can get pretty upset and it breaks this mamas heart to hear that; so the thought of 12 hours in the car with you was stressing me out! We ended up staying with friends in Massachusetts on the way up to break things up for you and to visit a bit. Turns out all my worrying was for nothing, you were a champ!!
I was also worried about the sleep situation on vacation, we are still co-sleeping at home and I worried how you would do in a new situation. Well once again you did just fine. Even with three of us on a full bed you did just fine. I did so enjoy getting back to our king bed though!!

The vacation was a good one. Our first week we just stayed around Aunt Karen's and Uncle Wayne's house and relaxed. It was so great we spent most of our days playing with cousin Mason in the lake, taking walks, kayaking (yes, even you!), reading and just having fun together. Mason took great care of you and kept you entertained during breakfast, helped change your diaper, helped give you baths; whatever you needed he was your guy! Your smile when he is around is just priceless!

You also were babysat for the first time ever! Aunt Karen and Uncle Wayne watched you one night so your dad and I could go on a kayak ride, I was so nervous I brought my phone with me just in case but you slept through it all with no problems. You loved Aunt Karen's dog Murdock and kept saying your new word "woof" which sounds more like "oof oof". We also were able to see Aunt Kim and Bruce, Aunt Kim even found a replacement Phillies hat for you in Maine of all places!

We also spent a couple days with Uncle Walter, Aunt Pam, Gracie and Meghan. We went to Ft. Knox with them and hiked around. We also went to the top of the bridge with them, the view was amazing we could see for miles and miles. Gracie and Meghan loved playing with you too, they also gave you baths, read to you, sang to you (they taught me an Italian lullaby that they knew); you are so blessed to have such great cousins as Mason, Gracie and Meghan! We also got to share in Meghan's birthday! Granny and Pop Pop came up right before we came home and you were happy to see them as well. You loved their dog (shocker, I know!)

It was so fun finally bringing you to Maine. I grew up going every year and ever since your dad and I have been going up we have been dreaming of bringing our own child with us. I loved taking you to the places that I remember from childhood. It was also sweet introducing you to our friends up in Maine, they loved you!! I look forward to watching you explore as you get older! Your dad and I did a ton of hiking with you this year; hopefully we will both become more in shape so we can keep up with you in the years to come!

You have become quite the climber this month. You climbed on top of a portable high chair, you then used that to get up on a chair and tried to then climb onto a suitcase on top of the chair. I couldn't believe but soon realized that the time for anchoring our bookshelves has come!! You also took a cardboard box and was using that to cruise around the room, I was amazed.

This month went by quickly and as with all of the ones we have shared with you, we enjoyed you so much. I love showing you the world around us, introducing you to new friends and watching your joy and happiness spread to those around us. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for the great pleasure of knowing you and the privilege of being your mom. I love you Bug!
Your Mama