Sunday, April 30, 2006

What the world needs now is camping sweet camping

I'm always amazed at how nice people are when you are camping. Its like something in the air just makes people want to share and be kind. We got in to Front Royal about 6 on Friday and realized we didn't have firewood. The guys next to us were nice enough to let us have some of theirs (we ended up buying it from them, but they would have shared I know it..) Well because of their kind generosity my schmoop got his first taste of smores on his first night of camping. We had an awesome time, nights were FREEZING but I should have allowed for that oops... Sat we found an auction in the little town we were camping in.(WATERLICK, VA- I LOVE THAT NAME) It was pretty funny and Jason's first auction (it was soo sweet that it was a hick auction too!!) We were nudging each other and saying things like "wow that guy only has two teeth" and "how much do you think the stuffed otter will go for??", yes it was THAT GOOD OF A TIME!! Then we went out to get fishing licenses and realized that it would cost us about 60 bucks to try to catch fish for the afternoon.. Apparently you need like 15 stamps on your license for where we were. I felt like I needed a victims abuse hotline because "the man" was totally sticking it too me.
Well we didn't end up fishing we just went on a hike it was sweet. Ok tired of writing gonna play around while I wait for schmoop to get out of the shower. More to come later when I upload pics.. Here's a teaser, I have a photo essay of my car ride to DC, I know hold onto your seats kids the fun never ends with DIRKEY!!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

hey ho hey ho its off to camping we go...

So the schmoops will be taking off tomorrow for Front Royal, VA. Two days of camping fun await us. We have fishing liscenses, camp grills, a percolator, a tent, and other stuff :) I'm so excited i'm about to pee my pants!!!!
Pics are coming on Monday of our ruggedness.
In the meantime get out, do something, be outdoorsey! Its been gorgeous weather!!! If you can go to Front Royal and see Skyline Drive. Front Royal is the beginning of the Blue Ridge Mountains and there are alot of cool things there besides scenery. Like STALAGMITES AND STALAGTYTES!! SWEET GEOLOGY ROCKS!!!
Hey here are the campsites near Front Royal, go ahead, explore!

Bird Flu Hits FLORIDA!!!!

-i really wish this was my joke, but it was a forward that i got today.

here kitty kitty

Ok so for months there has been some animal living underneath my house, digging holes, here is one of them...

I think its a skunk cause sometimes i'll go into my house and it will smell like a skunk.. Yes detective Dirkey on the case.. :) Anyway, i got into a whole fixing up the yard thing when the weather got nice and put big rocks in the holes and covered them over with potting soil. I know, i know its not the best idea I've ever had but whatever. A few days later the holes are back and bigger than ever!! Its been driving me nuts so i finally asked my dad if we could try to trap it. We havent figured out what we will do if we actually trap a skunk right outside my house but... thats a post for another day (that day being when i have a skunk trapped in my yard)

So last night i'm sitting talking to Schmoop on the phone and i hear the trap go off. I got all excited inside, like its Christmas morning, to figure out what i trapped (yes i know I'm a hick) Well i shine the flashlight on the trap from my window, cause i'm scared to go outside at night (If you saw my house you would understand, think Blair Witch). Well I caught a cat!! A CAT! It definitely is not what was living under my house but still a catch.
All i kept thinking was the part of Meet the Parents where Gregg talkes about milking cats. I laughed so hard cause i live on a farm, and now i'm trapping cats, so logically that is the next step. Um well then i let the cat go, no milking involved... so good story huh.... :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What i'm thinking

Dear Mr 19 Yr old intern,
Hi, how are you. Are you enjoying your first "real" job, as you so enthusiastically told me your first day. I'm sorry i dont have time to play name that super hero with you. Well actually I don't really know any of them so i wouldn't be so good anyway. Your knowledge of superhero's everywhere is something to be jealous of, if i lived in a Jay and Silent bob movie.... Wow, i'm sorry i didn't mean to hit you when you snuck up behind me and said boo while i was in the middle of working on that file. Its amazing how honed my cat-like reflexes become while sitting in front of the computer for 12 hours a day.. its almost like, oh wait what is that super heros name with cat like reflexes... well i'm sure you understand, even if noone else does. Anyways i'm sorry i'm so cranky at work, I'm sure if you were my nephew we would get along fine i might even go into a comic store (for the first time in my life) to get you a Christmas gift. Um but your not my nephew so um i'm sorry for pretending i don't hear you most times.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The library-not just for smart people anymore..

6 months and counting

Wow i just realized that i've been doing this whole blogging thing for six months!!! Thats crazy, well i'm going to do a six month wish list of six things.
1. I wished i did the sight tracker way earlier-I'm obsessed
2. I wish I understood more about this whole blogging process- adding links, changing my masthead, all that fun stuff that i have yet to figure out.
3. I wish i didn't have dial up
4. I wish my laptop would work tonight so i could post my pics from Frieburg.
5. I wish i won the mega millions jackpot last night
6. I wish that my Schmoop was here right now :):)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This just in!

Tom and Katie had their baby..........
Its a girl..
weird i was just reading on my fugs (look in my links) yesterday that people were speculating that Ms. Holmes was wearing a fake belly pillow. That she needed to have the baby already so the weird rumors would stop!
Well they had the baby and i just can't help feeling bad for Katie. Not that i was a huge Dawsons Creek fan, see below pic of tv there is NO RECEPTION. But she used to seem perky and cute. The kind of girl that you would gossip with during gym class volley ball in high school. Now she just seems like she is taking sleeping pills, all the time, while she's pregnant.
Hopefully having the baby will kick start her brain into working again and she will see how creepy she and Tom have become. What is this with the hollywood creepy couples of late brittney/kevin, katie/tom; better question why do i care?? :)

Vacation Posts are almost done!

Can you believe it, i've been home for over a month and i'm still updating with pics.. Well today boys and girls i'm going to transport you to a lovely little town called Frieburg. Our first taste of Frieburg was walking around trying to find our hostel (Black Forrest-super cheap super fun), my first thought of the place was that there were ALOT of cobblestones.. I mean a ton, you know why i realized this because i had a rolly carry-on. (well not my original one-my original one broke in Paris and i bought one that i spotted from the metro in paris-it had crazy off road wheels SWEET!) If your ever going to go backpacking in Europe or anywhere for that instance DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT BRING A ROLLY CARRY ON because contrary to what you may thing IT IS NOT EASIER!!!!! All that jostling made it so i had a hard time moving my hand for ohh about a month. The other thing you should know is that you don't need everything you packed, so take out 50% of it, if you take out too much you can always buy what you need.
Ok back to Frieburg, well we got to our Hostel the same time as Chris did (this was so great because we weren't sure how easy it was going to be to meet up with him!) We spent a good three days in that gorgeous town, there is something in the air that makes you want to be German and live there. You can picture yourself working as a busboy or in that Turkish coffee shop, riding your bike around after work to go to the awesome thrift store that had Leiderhosen! (SERIOUSLY!!!)
While we were there we went on a hike up to the top of the hill/mountain.. it was on this road that Renee gave Chris the finger. I don't know anyone who's ever thought of giving Chris the finger (and in Renee's defense she swears she gave the situation the finger-how do you give a situation the finger??) Anyways we were hiking straight uphill for about 45 min and Chris kind of turns around and laughs and says he thinks we took the roundabout way up the hill. Meanwhile we are all struggling behind wheazing because we work in offices and are not even in the same stratosphere of in-shapeness of Chris. Renee's eyes glaze over and she just pops the Bird to sweet innocent Chris, i almost peed my pants. By the way it was on this hike that Renee's nickname of Malibu Barbie got coined by my sweetie..
Anyway here is a pic from the top of the mountain overlooking Frieburg a gorgeous town i hope to go again!
ok pics to follow i hate dial up

Monday, April 17, 2006

silly surveys

i love these stupid things as all my friends and family can attest too...
top 5 must-haves (for the moment):

in my fridge:

1. chicken-started defrosting a week ago (will be thrown out tonight-what a waster)
2. yummie hummus
3. chicken sausage
4. cheese-(I like cheese)
5. strawberries

in my closet

1. a plethora of old navy
2. skirts
3. bridesmaid dresses (like 30 of them)
4. board games
5. Flip flops

in my purse:

1. check book
2. empty wallet
3. lip gloss
4. receipts from random things I’ve bought in the last five years
5. keys

in my car:

1. purse
2. screwtape letters
3. trash
4. mail
5. cd’s

on my TiVo (um I still have an antenna, I’m planning on getting dish network sometime, maybe I’ll be cool then and know some current shows.....):
Shows I like

1. The office
2. American Idol
3. Nip/Tuck (the only reason I want dish network)
4. 24 (haven’t watched this season)
5. Don't really watch a 5th show, maybe friends?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

myth busted

My boyfriend is not Adam from Myth Busters, you know how i figured it out. We saw Adam on tv while i was with Jason... it was sooo freaky...

i really don't see the similarities but apparently others do....
all i have to say is mines cuter, and he smiles more.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Who the son of a crap has a website and actually updates it.. oh yeah all those other people i read every day... OOOPS!!! I've been told that i'm the worst type of geek because i described having a good day as working then getting off an hour early and babysitting.. But hey if thats who i am someone who gets happy by the small things in life.. so be it.. PHOOEY on all you people who have to have something meaningful happen in order to enjoy your day. thats right i said phhoey what the heck are you going to do about it..
ha ha i'm over Jason's brother, Josh's house, i told Jason on the way over that his brother was going to ask me my intentions with his brother.. I was totally right, he just asked me. These are the times i should bet not the other times, its a good thing i bet fake money with Jason, cause i think i owe him thousands of fake dollars by now. In other news i almost took my ear off with one of those canapies that you buy for your patio. I totally took that mo fo back to bed bath and beyond, i won't be having my lawn furniture disrespect me like that.
Peace out..