Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Bug is a big talker, he loves talking about his day and narrating what goes on. He's been talking about choo choo's, trucks and guys for months but the past two weeks he's really exploded with language. The most notable to me is that he says when someone is nice to him. My aunt got him a snack of cheese and strawberries and all day he was saying "cheese nice" My mom got him choo choo underwear and today he was saying "granny, green, choo choo, nice". He mostly has his colors down with his favorites looking like green, blue and pink.

The other thing I notice is he pays attention when others are sad. We were over visiting my sister and her children yesterday. Today I was asking him and he was talking about her two oldest and swimming. I asked about her youngest and he said "Payton sad, her sad". Payton got stung by a wasp yesterday right before we left so he was remembering her crying.  They do play rough with each other so maybe he was remembering making her sad too ;)

I'm amazed at this little boy. He is rough and tumble but also sweet as can be. I love this stage where he communicates more of his wants and needs and look forward to more conversations with my boy.