Friday, October 19, 2007

Things You Shouldn't Buy Online

Custom Framing-well from anyway the color representation is far from accurate on their Mats. I ordered a nice soft yellow border on a huge picture for above our fireplace and I got a McDonalds looking border (which is especially nice with our red velvet drapes). We just need a slide that goes from the kitchen into the family room to complete the look or we could just turn that fireplace into a drive thru and start earning our mortgage.

Which brings me to another point why is it drive thru, is through to hard for people to write?

So anyway stands behind their products one hundred percent as long as you pay for shipping and handling(if they really stood behind their products I would think they would fix this at no cost to the customer), which is a small fortune for something like this so I'm just going to buy the mat from a local frame shop. I priced it out and its about $25 which will be much cheaper than the shipping back and forth.

You may have seen this picture on an earlier post on how much I love my living room. I really was trying to convince myself that I also loved this mat but I don't.

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mama k said...

oh bummer. I am sorry that they can't just send you a new mat.

I thought you were trying to make the best of it. It is really quite bright in person.