Thursday, November 24, 2005


I like this manual focus thing, oh and football on the beach too!

turkey incognito

Erika and i are undercover today.....

Saturday, November 19, 2005


So i was talking about how i burnt my eyebrows off before, and i thought i would tell you the story. When i was younger i would watch my nieces and nephews while my older sister worked (she is 15 yrs older than me so i'm closer in age with her kids) While on one of these days i decided i was going to cook for them on the grill, i was about 10 yrs old. There are reasons they tell kids not to use gas grills, i am one of them. Well i wasn't sure how to use it so i turned the dials on, nothing... turned them off and tried again, nothing.. I'm annoyed at this point, the kids are around me and starving for hot dogs, and there is a cold grill. So i do what any kid would do i go grab some matches and toss one in the grill... POOHHFFF There is a huge fireball screaming out of the grill and covering my face. I freak out and run inside after i turn off the grill. My hair is all singed and i don't have any eyebrows, and i'm pretty sure i'm in BIG trouble! My parents didn't have too many rules growing up but afterwards i was thinking that maybe playing with the gas grill was one of them. Soo i brush my hair to get all the singed ends out and make the kids some PB&J (like i should have in the beginning) and tell my parents about ten years later when my eyebrows finally grow back. By the way they never fully grew back i still have little scars in the middle of both eyebrows.
hmmm maybe this is the reason Anne doesn't like me making smores in her gas fireplace....

My Gracie

This is my first forray into the wild world of photo editing..

Cant mess up a cutie like my gracie!!! :)

whats in a name

so my lifes ambition is to start an orphanage in some country. This has always been my dream in life to show love to kids who normally wouldn't have any in thier life.
I think a fun thing to do though, is to name the kids really weird names. You know like dishwater, crazyface, pumpkin doodle, etc. Sounds pretty mean but come on now, they wouldn't be english speaking anyway and it would give me a chuckle.
Well i think i was beat to the punch.
In recent history i have come across a woman who is named bich dung. Yes lady's and gentleman her name is female dog poo. This is quite possibly the funniest thing i've ever come across... ok as far as names go anyway. What kind of monster names her kid this!?!?!?!?
So anyway i wrote my friend about this and the fact that i got engaged recently and when he wrote back i got to thinking about when good old bich dung gets married. I really pray that she marry's a musical guy that writes a song and sings it to her on her wedding day. They will be in a church with candles, flowers and music and the love of her life will be singing how much he loves dog poo..... my only wish is that somehow in some way that i will be in the back of that church cause that would be a story and a half for my kids.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

dial up

i hate dial up, i'll update the pics tomorrow i'll be with wireless, my first love


Ok so i'm a newbie here and i'm going to try to post some pics...
this is one of my favorite pics of my gracie, she is my gorgeous niece!!!
who calls me "my Kristi" as in come here my kristi, i love you my kristi..
is there any way to get a bigger Christmas gift???? I really don't think so!!
I have seven nieces and nephews so prepare for more pics soon, i just got a new digital camera so i got to figure all this jazz out!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

cars, trees and eyebrows

Well lets just say this past month hasn't been normal, ok well this past year hasn't been normal. I'm not exaclty the best at saying no to people so i spent the earlier part of the month over commiting myself.... FUN!!!! I was watching this lady with downs syndrome for two weeks at her house, this is of course when i got home from my regular job. Anyway i finally got home, YES SWEET HOME!!!
Well after i disinfected my house (another story for another day), I was overjoyed to be in my little scary cabin in the woods!!! That is for about hmmm 24 hours until i go to vote for govenor of NJ, well first of all let me just say i DID NOT WANT TO VOTE FOR ANYONE, they were all smacks but after ALOT of cajolling(yeah isn't that a great word!) I started driving EVEN FURTHER INTO THE WOODS to the voting place. Well deer and car collide and the deer literally exploded. I see the deer legs go flying off into the air. It was pretty gross. After i screamed like the woman i am, i decided i didn't want to stop in the middle of the freakin woods by myself to check out my car and i drive on to the voting place. Get there and vote for a smack, go out and look at my car, i screwed her up good!!!! Call my brother and tell him he owes me 500 dollars for talking me into doing my civic duty and then drove home. Finally get home and look under the hood and see that i seriously crapped up my car!! Long story short i'm driving a rental Wednesday.
So i'm getting ready thursday to make dinner for my friend Chris, driving home from work pull in my driveway(YES NO DEER!) Well about half way up i realize that i'm driving on live wires cause a freaking huge tree fell in the middle of the driveway pull out. Drive over to my parents and walk through the woods home (yes i am a hick). I decide that, you know what i'm up for a freaking adventure i'm still making dinner. So i call Chris and tell him to avoid electrocution and he comes on over. I make a stupendous cajun shrimp linquini (i love to cook), which amazingly i cooked entirely with about 20 oz of water (pumps don't work w/out electricity). Fast forward.
Last night i come home and call Dan Z. and invite him over, then Chris calls so i tell him to come over too. I light some candles and make a teryaki chicken and shrimp stir fry. We sit around for awhile and shoot the breeze. We decide to go over Dan's house to have some coconut wonderfulness. Dan leaves and i start walking around my house blowing out the candles. Around this time i realize how freaking smokey my house is. I go into the bathroom and the wall is literally ON FIRE! I have absolutly no sense for fire, i always do exactly what you are not supposed to do, i'm soo not a stop drop and roll type of girl. I take a deep breath (possible because i'm smoke free!) and blow as hard as i can and make the fire bigger. Molten wax flies all over my face and i throw the candle in the toilet. Well i try to throw it in the toilet i end up breaking it on the toilet and half of it flies into the trash. Same deal though thankfully the fire goes out. BUT my sink is completely covered in blue wax, my wall is literally smoking, and my face looks like chopped meat. It could be worse my house could have burnt down and i could have burnt my eyebrows off AGAIN!

Hmm what do you think, i'm thinking that maybe Gods trying to tell me something. I don't know what but theres got to be SOMETHING!!!
Ahh so theres my recent life and my first post, sorry it was soo freaking long!!!