Saturday, March 31, 2007

Upcoming Goodness

So Schmoop and I went out today and used alot of our gift certificates from the wedding for house stuff and then bought paint for the upstairs hallway and stairs. We also bought a different color for the living room, dining room and family room. The hallway is kind of like a sand color while the LR, DR and FR is like a mushroom, light beige color. We also started sanding and primering the downstairs bathroom. The downstairs bathroom was its own brand of hideousness, it was painted a light pink color (even the ceiling) and there was ivy stencilled everywhere. This ivy stencil wasn't your run of the mill standard stencil, it was also textured (with sand); and it looked like it was applied by a blind epileptic. We are going to keep that in a basic white for a couple of years till we get around to tiling in the kitchen, front hallway and bathroom. Its a smallish room and right now its overrun with furniture, it drives me nuts, so I'm waiting for new floors to gut the huge sink and replace with a little pedistal before I pic colors.
Ohh the other thing was we got switchplates for the master bedroom (they were gold). Now they are white wood ones, they kind of looks like crown molding, which is in the master plans for the room. The bedroom is turning out much better than I had planned. Its painted a chocolate color, with white wood blinds and sheer linnen drapes. We have a bedspread thats like a creamy gold which matches the twin lampshades on either side of the bed. I got one of those swirly wraught iron wall hangings with the spots for the tea lights for above the bed and also got a pic that Schmoop took in Paris nicely framed for the wedding. We are still looking for a darkwood bureau but we have a nice dresser that was left to me. It really is a sanctuary though, I LOVE IT!!!
Pictures to come, I promise :)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Reflections of the Newly Married

Its odd knowing that we are bonded together for the rest of our lives, but good. He knows me more than anyone in the world and loves me so sweetly. It makes me cringe to think of a past where I would try to be anybody to go out with someone that I had a "crush" on. I never had to be anything but what I am because he loves me that way. The goofy way I am and the goofy way he is just kind of mix together and we laugh alot. I look at him and see everything that I ever prayed for in a mate right there.
It amazes me that I have the capacity to love him as much as I do. I never knew someone could hold this much of my heart and that I would just give it to him. I love being close to him, smelling his smell, making up a new silly game to make him laugh (ok well maybe make me laugh too), making him dinner, trying to fix up the house when I get home so its a little bit more like home every day.
All in all this newly married thing is nice, really nice.
Love is a good thing.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the besties

so here is another pic, I'm going to do it all piecemeal like so you have to keep coming back for it...

This is me and Mama K (one of my Maid of Honors).
Yes I'm blessed to have two best friends, and I'm pretty convinced that just one of my best friends equals like 5 of everyone else's. So really I have the equivalent of 10 best friends because of how wonderful they are.
The bridesmaids dresses were honeydew to capitalize on the St. Patty's theme but not go nuts with it. The flowers were daffodils because I just love them.

and this is my good friend Kitten mom who is getting ready to mother something a little more challenging than a kitten. She was such a trooper through the whole engagement and wedding, even though she was in her first trimester and sick all the time!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm baack

Hey we're back and we had a wonderful time.
My schmoop got me a Cannon Digital Rebel on the honeymoon and I took about a thousand pictures so far so I'm sure I'll upload them soon.
About married life thus far, it is wonderful waking up every morning next to my man. He really is incredible!! Alot of times I sit in bed just looking at him and thanking God that he gave me a guy as wonderful as my Schmoop.
Today we went to my parents and ran a few errands. One of them was to get an electronic hedge clipper, I've been waiting since December to get the hedges clipped.
So since Schmoop hasn't been feeling well I went out to trim the hedges. I was a little more tired than I thought I was and ended up almost needing to go to the hospital. Just an FYI the blade part of the hedge trimmer is not the part you hold. I have a nasty looking cut on my pointer finger but luckily I still have my finger.
In the process I gave Schmoop his first heart attack in married life when I walked in the house and said "babe I think I might need stitches" he said he was picturing a severed finger with branches in it.
That is all good night :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

We're Hitched!!

I loved my flowers!!

So the wedding was yesterday and it was the most fun I've ever had in my life. I have an incredible husband and wonderful friends. Jason and I went to bed talking about how fun it was and how everything went so well. We woke up in the morning talking about it. Some highlights.
Awkward moment of the night-Tamarinables dad dancing with me to sex bomb.
Best Song-Getting Jiggy with it-my friend Eric's band, Fire By Night, played (the whole wedding) and it was amazing, but this song especially stood out!!! White boy can rap!
Favorite memory-kissing my man in church :), then watching him break it down on the dance floor.
We are both so thankful to all our friends and family who made our day so great!!! It was so awesome seeing everyone on the dance floor!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Bach Party

So the girls (Tamaranable, Mama K and my SIL Amy) took me out Sat for my bachelorette partay.
We went to The Irish Pub in the new Pier at Ceasars. I thought the pier was soo cool, they had it set up to look like a wooden boardwalk and had little sections where you stepped down to a couple chairs in the sand (all indoors). It was pretty neat the way they did it. The Irish Pub was really good I had lamb with apricots cooked in, mmmmmm.
From there we went to Cuba Libre where Mama K got us a pitcher of Pomegranate Mohitos, I love me some Mohito's too!!!
Then we went to the Kareoke bar but it turns out it wasn't Kareoke going on there. There was another Bachelorette party that must have rented out the space and brought the men from the Cave (local strip club) in there. We were like WHAT?!?!! We really wanted the Kareoke!!! I took a picture with one to be silly so I could show Jason.
From there we went to another Irish Pub and had a couple of drinks and went home.
It was alot of fun, Thanks girls!!!!
I've learned that I'm really old, I've sewn all my "wild oats" I guess a long time ago. I was so tired on the way home!! A fun night out with the girls in my mind is dinner and then hanging around someones house talking! (except of course for the occasional Tom Jones concert!!!)
I was glad for my last "official" night of "freedom" though, it was a ton of fun! I have the best friends ever!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Anxiety Attacks!!!

So here we are 6 days from the wedding and I'm freaking out. Its not about the actual fact that I'm marrying Schmoop, that I couldn't be more clear about. He really is the man of my dreams.
No, its the actual wedding. I'm so scared of tripping, looking ugly or screwing up the whole wedding somehow.
Because of these fears every little thing anyone says to me is making me soo upset. Even good friends teasing me, I know logically that it shouldn't upset me but it is. So my public service announcement this week, DO NOT USE SARCASM WITH ME. That is unless you want to reduce this bride to tears... Its driving me nuts, I can't wait till the Honeymoon.
Then after the Honeymoon, regular life again. Regular non-stressed filled life, filled with normal friendships. I feel like I've been so catty lately, I got so convicted about it yesterday. If I've treated you badly or said things out of turn to you I apologize.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wedding Day Weather

Hi 54°F
Lo 32°F
Hi 82°F
Lo 11°F

I'm pulling for a record Hi, but I'll hold onto 54 degrees!!!


So last night I had a crazy dream.
I dreamt that we got to the reception site (which in my dream was also where the wedding was) and couldn't find the room. It took us like a half hour to find it and when we did find it the woman was like, I thought you weren't coming so I gave away the chairs. I went Bridezilla on her and freaked out saying that she had 10 minutes to find 200 chairs! Then I couldn't find any of my bridesmaids to help me get ready so my brother in law Wayne had to help me.
Man I can't wait for the wedding....

Friday, March 02, 2007

Crazy Lazy

Man I'm sitting at work having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I was babysitting for some friends last night and didn't get home till about 12:30 AM.
Yesterday after work I went to Target and used some of my bridal shower loot to buy bedding for my spair room. I ended up getting bedding, curtains and a cool curtain rod! Jason just laughed at me, he says I'm spending alot of money on an unused room. I'm excited to have one room completely done though and this is the room that is closest to it. Our room we're going to have to buy some pricey things so that may have to wait to be completely done and there is alot of stuff downstairs that still needs doing. So this one room, will be my little sanctuary of doneness. Everytime I get frustrated at the lack of progress or anything I can go up there and sit in my pretty, complete spair bedroom and know that its going to be ok; one day we will have the whole house done.
So here is the picture of the bedding, and the room is painted a Bonsai green color so you can get the mental picture. The curtains were just tab top white ones.

Still working on the thank you's, picked out my hair style, still have to do seating chart. I meet with alot of the vendors next week to finalize everything. Its coming up so quickly, I can't even believe it!!!