Tuesday, May 30, 2006

WI tomorrow

commence biting fingernails and toes..

Monday, May 29, 2006

WW week 3

Down 3 in 3.. :)
Comp still broken.
My total loss so far 11 pounds. YEAH BABY!!!!!
Pics and further updates to come when my fabulous schmoop fixes my laptop! :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Upcoming feature-Would you Eat "it"?

There are alot of things us weight watchers are subjected to on a regular basis. Things that the non weight watching world knows nothing about. Come on, you know what I'm talking about DIET FOODS.. Some of them are decent and if you close your eyes, you can pretend its the same thing(or at least similar). Some of them will fill your hunger and not cost you too much, allowing you to save your points/calories for something else. Yet, there are others, others that turn your stomach to even look at. You wonder what possessed a person to come up with such a thing and how they could EVER POSSIBLY MARKET IT!!
I was over my moms house last night looking for something that costs 2 pts (about 100 calories) and this is what she had..
ff yougurt-wasn't too thrilled.. PASS
these bagged cheese things-I have to show you a picture to fully grasp how gross they looked... PASS
Refried Beans-completely just wanted to eat it with a spoon but couldn't bear to look at my mom's face of disgust.. (besides my house is smelly mildewy already, don't need to add any extra smells in there!) PASS
Ended up having nothing and not using those two points.. SACRILEGE!! (wow just realized I can't spell)

So this feature, i will do the work for you. Buy the "diet food of the week", take pictures of the whole "devouring" process and give you a full rundown of the taste and point values. That way if your ever some place with two points left you'll know if those bagged cheese things are worth it or not.. Always working for you.

Top Ten

Top Ten List of things i wish were 1 pt a piece.
10. Pizza
9. Cheese
8. Nachos..
7. Macaroni and cheese
6. Pad Thai (that stuff is awesome-Jason has my leftovers this week just too many pts)
5. Lemon Bars-yum.. drool.. with that powdered sugar on top...
4. Chocolate chip cookies
3. Gelati's from Ritas-specifically mango water ice with vanilla ice cream
1. ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!! I would buy stock in Breyers because of the sheer volume of ice cream i could put away if it was one point...

ww week 2.875

So tomorrow morning is weigh in... (read ominous duh duh dah!!)
We shall see what it brings, I'm proud of myself for this week. I had a tough week but i still kept track of everything i put in my mouth. I didn't go over my weekly's stil have about 13 floating around. I have 10 left for tonight ( I think, unless watermellon costs more than i think-I just ate a wheelbarrell full of it). I'll check it out in a little bit on the ww website (link on right). Schmoop is flying to Texas tomorrow am but will be back on Friday for SUPER SCHMOOP WEEKEND, also known as SCHMOOPS TAKE OVER MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND.

Anyway back to ww week, tomorrow is weigh in. I will definitely find a way to post my progress tomorrow sometime. Not sure if i'll be able to in the am, as per schmoop has my laptop but i'll try. Stay tuned for new exciting Dirkey news kids....

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Post ball silliness..

Ok after the ball we took the metro home. We missed our stop and eventually somehow ended up at the Pentagon station. Anyway it was about 1 am and we were riding trains all over dc, and we had a mini-buzz and a camera...

Nightmare at the ball!!!


could it possibly be somewhere up there??

Super Fancy Schmoops

Here are the much anticipated pics from the Ball

shout out to my potty trainers..

Since i don't have any pics of Ryan (Minnesota is dumb) i will post two pics of my Mason' man. Good luck with the potty training kiddo's; it worked out pretty well for your Aunt Dirkey...

one of my absolute fav shots...


ww 2.5

This week i'm doing pretty good tracking everything!! I've been dipping into the weekly points a little with the graduation its been a little difficult to figure out. We went to the Ball on Friday night and I left myself a ton of points, i had two drinks and then took just bites of everything else and still used about 10 of my weeklys. Yesterday we babysat my cousins and took them out to Red Robins, where i picked the best meal (Ensenada chicken-7pts). Then we went to the graduation and there was a dessert buffet (AHHHH) then my uncle took us out to a Thai restaurant (Pad Thai was 18 pts for two cups!!! who knew!!) I haven't exceeded my weekly points but this was a challenge. We'll see what wed brings..

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Kai's shower

So I showed you a teaser for Kaiya's shower, the cake.. but actually there were a few other things there....
One being the incredibly cute diabetic preggy Kaiya.. (i'm sorry i'll eat extra refined carbs for you! man this pregnancy is going to kill me with all the extra drinks i'm already drinking for you.)

There was also some incredible food; crabcakes, chicken francaise, mashed potatoes and green beens.. yum.....

This was the set up, pretty fancy schmancy i know but hey Kaiya's worth it... (kid better be cute...)

and the final set up with the cake, notice the jello.. :)

Seriously, only the best for my Kai! I can't wait to meet your baby and worm my way up to being the favorite "aunt"

I'm not up to anything....


Wanna pizza?!l

Seriously we should go into business.. we are awesome!
well actually i'm not sure that i would buy pizza from someone with a creepy look like that..

unbearable cuteness

Do not stare directly into the cuteness, thats my public service announcement for the day...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

ww pic week 2


Here is my pic from week 2 :)

Deep Thoughts with Dirkey

Someone on ww posted this question, what makes a successful person? Whats your answers?

I said a successful person knows what is important to them and takes strides to improve/spend time with those things daily.

There were alot of people who were pretty hot on this topic, thinking society dictated what was successful and what wasn't. So people speak up! I'm listenning and want to hear your imput.. :)

ww week 2

I'm down 8!! :)
I know alot of that is water weight, but its still fun!
I was a little worried cause usually i dont use those extra points too much and i did this week. Schmoop and I went to the shore and i had Kaiya's shower on Sat, so there was alot of yummie eating, i just did the best i could with counting and doing lower point value foods. For instance we went out to dinner and i got baked Mako with a ginger teriaki sauce (oh my gosh my mouth is watering!) and it WORKED!!!
Goals for this week
1. Drink WATER-umm yesterday alone i consumed a mass quantity of soda.. sheesh (in a few weeks i'm going to ween myself off of soda-THATS A HUGE DEAL!)
2. Go to the gym and actually use the membership i have!

Good news is that this weekend I'm going to a ball (Just call my Cinderella :) so i'll going to be boogying my bootay away! :) I will post some hot picks of schmoop and I in our fancy duds so you can all see.
Also coming soon is week 2 pic for ww. I've been told to take a better pic, i think my week 1 pic looks like a serial killer. All the better to compare this week too... :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

ww week .5

Two days from weigh in, things are going pretty well. I've been faithfully going on ww website and using the community tool.
Its been pretty cool, with the meetings i always felt kind of like a nerd when i'm there.. "Hi, my names Kristi and i like eating brownies and ice cream for breakfast..." Seems like an 80's movie depicting adiction. By the way i've upgraded my breakfasts to an all fruit popsicle. Not so bad, you know baby steps...
baby steps. But its been neat telling people i don't know what i'm facing, people who are in the same boat.
Pretty cool :)
Wednesday is the big day, that we find out what week 1 brings us. Not that the numbers matter. :)

The dirkey

Friday, May 12, 2006

Sandcastle cake

Didn't it turn out good? I'm so excited, Kaiya's baby shower is today so i'll post a finished picture of this maybe tomorrow. There are a few incredible finishing touches.
IF you want to make this cake we did 2 8" rounds, 1 6" round and 1 4" round. The towers are made out of ice cream cones and cups. The large spires are made with 4 ice cream cones covered in white chocolate then rolled in Sugar in the Raw, the whole cake is iced in Buttercream (1 package of sifted confectioners sugar, 1 c butter, 1 c shortenning, a splash of milk and a splash of vanilla). Then we covered the cake in Sugar in the Raw and added decorations. So much fun!!!
I love that Kaiya doesn't have a corny shower! Sea Shore Showers rock!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What I'm reading

What i'm reading:
Right now i'm reading my Bible, Passion and Purity and The Screwtape Letters.
My Bible, my pastor gave a challenge this week to start every day thinking on who God is to you and praising him. I've really taken this to heart this week and have been thinking on some Psalms all day, when i forget and i'm in a crappy mood, my schmoop reminds me where to put my focus. If not acustomed to reading the Bible i would recommend starting in the Psalms, or in John. They are the easiest to read to me. My pastor recommended reading proverbs because there are 31 of them so you can read Proverbs 29 on the 29th; makes it easy.
Passion and Purity was written by Elisabeth Elliot.
I'm cruising through it and would recommend it to anyone. Mrs. Elliot is an incredible role model to me, i'm astounded at what she's been through. For those of you who don't know her husband, Jim Elliot, was murdered by Indians in Ecuador while they were missionaries there. However, this book is not about that, its about thier courtship. As I find with most of these books, i need to read and take what i can and see what applies to my life. We are not all the same and we all have to take this life as it comes and learn what we can from it. But having a wonderful relationship right now with my schmoop, i'm able to relate to alot of the book. Mrs Elliot does a wonderful job of documenting her feelings, her beliefs and encouraging you to seek after God through this time. All I can say is that I'm so encouraged by this book right now.
The Screwtape Letters, i need to buckle down and fly right with this one. I started it and i'm nearly done but with all my other reading its kind of taken a back seat. So hopefully i'll finish next week. Its an incredible book, kind of freaky at times..
ok night..

Weight Watchers Online WK 1

Hmmm so i've been riding on and off the ww fence. Going for a few weeks then skipping and eventually not going. I just joined WW online today and i'm pretty excited about it. Its got alot of neat resources. Some of my favorites; point tracker, point calculator, the point search (you just put what you ate and it tells you how many points!), the recipe calculator (you put the recipe in and it figures out the points and saves it in your recipe box, the online message boards.
I'll keep you updated, my online weigh in's are every Wed so as an extra incentive to me i'm going to be posting my results LIVE ON LINE WITH YOU! WOOO!
Well i'm sure the four people that are reading are ohhh so excited about this!
So here is my before pic. No i'm not going to post a pic of me in a bikini, i hate those commercials. Seriously the girls who don't want to be overweight are not the same girls who wear string bikini's. Who are those girls who pose unhapily for the before pics? Just a face shot, all thats needed :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Horrible story made right

Friday to me was like a chance to make everything right in the world. It all starts with this picture...

It all started a few years ago, i was driving down the road innocently. I think i was probably talking on the phone, of course this was BEFORE it was illegal.. (sheepish smile.) Well anyways it was about dusk and the car in front of me completely swerved into the other lane. I was wondering where the heck he was going cause it was right before a curve in the road. Well i look down and there is a FAMILY OF DUCKS!! directly in front of my car. I didn't have a chance to do anything about it, i just plowed right over them. I felt them thump against the bottom of my car as i ran over that poor mom duck and all her little ducklings. I was soo upset that i shreaked, threw my cell phone and made my best friend drive the rest of the way. Well since then i haven't been able to look a duck in the eyes (not that i've had the opportunity) That is until Friday, when i pulled in Jasons office and stopped while this mom and her baby ducks SAFELY passed in front of my car... ah sweet redemption!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

old pic+history lesson=love


much anticipated road trip pics

Why Friday rocked!
1.) I got out of work at 12:30 to drive down to see SCHMOOP!!!
2.) The weather was incredible

3.) wow my car is dirty

4.) OOOHH pretty bridge looks so different during the day

5.) wow i have to pee

6.) Decisions decisions visit Schmoop or Mormon Disneyworld