Monday, December 05, 2011


So I clearly took a break from the blog and while I was away I realized that I like doing this. If only a couple times a month as a chronicle of whats going on in our life. So, to catch you up the boy turned 1 and now is 14 months exactly today. He's walking, starting talking more, starting imaginative play, eating more and is really just a pretty good time right now. He's still not a sleeper and I need to try to give him more of a predictable routine but things on his front are pretty amazing. I am loving this age and learning to embrace the some of the chaos as he pulls out my pots and pans to cook, dumps his bowls upside down to finish food, screams just to hear his voice. Its a different stage that definitely takes getting used to but its so much fun seeing the joy in his eyes as he learns knew things and the comprehension; I'm amazed by him every single day. The hubs and I are doing well, we just celebrated 6 years since our first date and 5 years since we got engaged. Things with weight loss are going well, I just added in more exercise in a big way. I've been walking about 3 miles most days for awhile but just added in Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and wow it kicked my butt. I could barely walk the first few days but it felt so good to do something that I haven't done for so long. So thats about it for right now, hoping to update more on Bug's birthday, what he's been up to, pictures, crafts, recipes and all that good stuff.