Friday, December 14, 2007

About as "adult" as I'm going to get

So for some reason when Schmoop and I got married I figured I had to grow up and be responsible in some areas of my life. It was my goal to be debt free of any personal debts before the wedding (I had a car payment and a rather sizable credit card issue); I conquered this with about 2 weeks to spare. I'm now resolved to not be in the position to purchase things that I can't afford outright and also to be wise about purchases even if I can afford them.
Well it turns out this responsibility thing extends beyond debt. I finished my wedding and shower thank you cards well within the "standard" time frames. We keep our house reasonably neat and tidy, just don't look this week we haven't been home much and its a zoo. I just finished mailing out Christmas cards to family and friends, they turned out well with a wedding picture and a scripture that we picked out that was appropriate. I've always been a buyer of Christmas cards never an actual sender outer of them but apparently the Suzie Homemaker in me said "you know what I appreciate getting them then I should in turn give them". I'm now tackling issues of tipping the mailman and the garbage guys, does anyone still do this?
I've always been of the frame of mind that I would never grow up and to some extent I'm sure that is true of both Schmoop and I. I do, however, feel the need to treat others as I would want to be treated and try to prefer them whenever possible. This requires a certain bit of responsibility and planning, which are completely not my strong suits so we'll see.
I'm just proud that my Christmas cards are going out and should hit before Christmas, we'll take this other "adult" stuff as it comes.


SandraTee said...

Hi there, I was wondering if you have received the apron I sent you in the swap? thanks,

Michelle Smiles said...

I've never tipped mail men or garbage men. I have left them a plate of home made cookies - never sure if they eat them or if they are afraid there are razor blades in them but I figure it is the thought that counts.

Andrea said...

Hey - Just an FYI - if you're really serious about boycotting Nestle, be sure you boycott ALL of their brands: