Friday, December 07, 2007

Weekend O' Fun

My good friend Anne and I have always done this thing that I take her kids when they go away for their anniversary. She has three kids and we started it when they were just little guys (her son Doug was in the Sunday School class I used to teach when he was three). We still do this now her kids are all older, Dougie is in junior high her daughter Erika is 16 and her daughter Jenna is a little younger than Dougie. Its kind of funny because we all look forward to this weekend, we do alot of Christmas stuff and just generally enjoy being with each other. Since I married Jason he has kind of just mixed right in and the kids love being with him too. I'm looking forward to it because Erika and I have alot of similar interests; photography, vegan stuff, sewing, html. I'm going to make her help me redesign my logo tonight for something much more Christmassier so keep an eye out for some changes. I also have found some fun stuff to make it a little bit more classy.
Some things on deck for this weekend; finish decorating house, baking cookies, sewing aprons, making bath salts for gifts, getting some other crafts and making them, video games (for the boys), Christmas movies, sleeping in, etc.
I can't wait!!

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mama k said...

ooh fun!
I'm still gonna see you tomorrow night, right?

Just an FYI on the bath salts, add extra EO. Mine smelled great in the jar, but once they were in the bath they weren't as strong as I'd like.