Saturday, December 08, 2007


We just finished my new masthead, what do you think?
The creepy little elf was from antique shopping in Hershey last weekend, apparently I'm the only one who likes elves anymore. I bought one but this little guy I left on the shelf so I'm glad he's got his new place on the blog. The picture is an old one from when I used to live in the woods. The smarts to put it together are from my sweet Schmoop :)
The font of course is from Erika who downloaded a kajillion fonts for me yesterday. Suwheet..

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Trace said...

It's fun to pimp your blog. I just added a new header to was time for a change. Hershey is AWESOME during Christmas!!! Did you guys go to the nearby winery (can't think of the name at this moment) and taste?