Friday, January 20, 2006

I love those sons of craps.....

I've been accused, thats right people. I've been told i have lost the love for two of my favorite people on the planet. Lisa and Kira...
How could i not have love for them? Lisa is a mini-me and Kira is my lil sis.
I even made up an animal, sounds and all for one of Kira's birthdays. If thats not love i don't know what is.
Seriously I giggle like a silly mongoose when i'm around the two of them so this post is dedicated to my girls...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In other news

The day that we went skiing it was pouring rain but it really made everything look gorgeous, kind of mysterious.. I felt like i was in some movie the whole day. Some crazy girl spy skiing movie..
Awe yeah i would kick some serious butt as a girl ski spy, if i could fit pirate in there that movie would make me a millionaire

Winter Retreat

So this weekend we took the kids on the winter retreat. It was incredible, I really feel like alot of us were changed this weekend, i know that we definitely became closer as a group. Also i learned how to knit from Mary and i skied!!! Without being broken!! Here is a pic of my daredevil self with Nikki and Brian ready to meet our doom on the double blacks...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Five Wierd Things

1.) I like wearing socks in my kitchen just to slide. If I go in the
kitchen barefoot I get slightly annoyed and sometimes I forget and try to
slide anyway. It doesn't work.

2.) I like to sip my drinks from a teaspoon especially if its something
that I like a lot. I like the fact that it lasts so long if I'm only
allowed to have it off of a teaspoon. I only really do this in private so I
don't think anyone knows this one.

3.) I like to freeze everything and then tease everyone else about their
freezer habits. For example at this moment I have pasta, cereal and
crackers in my freezer. Anne and my mother feel the brunt of this freezer
teasing, if they only knew the freezer horrors they would find if they
opened mine. I tease anne for freezing cookies and I have cereal in mine,
tee hee if she only knew, if she only knew.... Ok lets face it my mom
deserves it the woman has loose bagels in hers and it is packed to the brim.

4.) I'm genetically incapable of keeping my house warm. No matter how
much money I have in the bank or how small my house is. Its always entirely
too much money to thoroughly heat it so I keep it at 55 and hand people
blankets on their way in. Surprisingly not too many people come over during
the winter time.

5.) This last one is not so much a habit but a weird trait that
apparently I'm the only one I've ever known to have it. If something smells
offensive to me, it automatically smells like cat urine. I've returned
lotions because they've smelled like cat urine to me, I'm pretty sure that
to anyone else in the free world they didn't, but to me it did enough to
make me gag. Recently I made an entire group of girls in the youth group
throw out their gum before they got in my car cause it smelled like cat
urine and I was going to puke.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Best Boyfriend in the WORLD!!! EVER!!!

ok seriously how can you not like a guy who goes around Hershey Park with a blinking red rudolph nose...
but thats not where it ends
he loves bs!-a dirkin must
he's adorable!!
our hands are the same exact color (creepy but true)
he's adorable!!
he makes me the happiest i've been in my entire life.
and did i mention he's adorable..
Anyways, here are the gorgeous flowers he sent me today... did i mention he's adorable??

Monday, January 09, 2006

Book Review-"A Million Little Pieces

My friends and i have been reading "A Million Little Pieces" here are some discussion questions from the book if you have read it enjoy. If you haven't its a good book, very graffic but gives incredible insight into the life of an addict. Most of us have some type of life experience with an addict of some type this might help you to be able to deal with them better or at least see them in a different light.

1. A Million Little Pieces presents some unusual formal innovations: Instead of using quotation marks, each piece of dialogue is set off on its own line with only occasional authorial indications of who is speaking; paragraphs are not indented; sentences sometimes run together without punctuation; and many passages read more like poetry than prose. How do these innovations affect the pace of the writing? How do they contribute to the book's rawness and immediacy?

It gave the book a rushed sense, when I read it I felt like I was in the frenzied mind of an addict. Especially in the beginning before he goes into rehab and during detox. It was hard to decipher at times as I’m sure going through those things its hard to decipher whats real and whats not.

2. A Million Little Pieces is a nonfiction memoir, but does it also read like a novel? How does Frey create suspense and sustain narrative tension throughout?

I think one way he carried the suspense was in the way the book was written it wasn’t written in an organized formal way it is frenzied and rushed. The story itself made you want to read it, you wanted him to beat this you wanted to see him succeed. I also agree with Kaiya on this by only giving bits and pieces of his past to make you want to know/understand him more.

3. James is frequently torn between wanting to look into his own eyes to see himself completely and being afraid of what he might find: "I want to look beneath the surface of the pale green and see what's inside of me, what's within me, what I'm hiding. I start to look up but I turn away." (p. 32). Why can't James look himself in the eye? Why is it important that he do so?

They say that eyes are the windows to his soul, I think he’s scared of who he really is. He says he really doesn’t remember a time where he wasn’t abusing some type of substance, now he’s suddenly not on anything. He’s never seen who he was without the chemicals and I think he’s scared of it.

4. After meeting with the Doctor (p. 93), James feels as though he's been given a death sentence and reviews his obituary in his head. He finds comfort in plotting his suicide. How does Leonard derail his plans? Were you surprised by their friendship?

I thought it was neat how the friendship developed how Leonard knew where he was coming from and just wanted to help. I think Leonard was an integral part in him getting well, he was a backbone that had been there before who would understand but not let him get away with things.

5. Consider some of the moments of kindness and compassion and genuine human connection that make the book so moving. Why do these moments have such emotional power?

These moments make it real, you can disassociate yourself from a story or a person without these moments. I think the most moving for me was when Lilly leaves the clinic and James goes to find her the care for her was so moving. Her life was so tragic his tenderness towards her was amazing. I also like the dynamic of that one counselor that didn’t get along with James how he helped him find her.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

fact or crap

So in looking at all the guidebooks i found this small church in Paris that has an incorruptible saint there. Now an incorruptible saint is a saint who when they die they do not compose. Apparently there are a few of them around and some of them its just pieces of them. Like if some was a great orator thier tongue wouldn't decompose. The one in Paris is a young girl, i don't remember her name but i'm going to look her up in my saint book to read about her. This is one of those things that i'm just not sure about. Sure i believe that God can do everything and anything, but sometimes you just wonder why he would do it. Like all that stuff that was going on in Toronto (like people saying God made them cluck like a chicken) alot of that stuff i just can't see that God would do that. Why would God make a mockery of himself by making people act like fools. I don't get it. I just hold on to the fact that i don't know everything. I know God is good, and i know that he can do far more than i can imagine and i know that He has made me finite, where he is infinite.
I also know i kind of want to see the dead girl to make some type of first hand impression of what i think of it.

goings and goings and goings

So i finally took down the Christmas tree seeing that i haven't watered it in the past 3 weeks i thought it would be the responsible thing to do. Its still on the stand in the front yard, i wanted to put it next to my bedroom window that way it would be like i had trees right out my window. Which would be nice. I'm in the midst of cleaning my house, its gotten pretty bad lately so its gong to be a week long project i think.. We shall see.
Last night i brought in an dresser that Marlena gave me forever ago and stored it in my living room to put all my yarn in. I'm going to rearrange the heck out of the living room tonight i think. Its been the same for two years that is entirely too long.
All in all the holidays and new years were spectacular, i think my best ever. :)
here is a pic from new years of me and my boyfriend Jason.. yeah i know we're cute..

ps where did my eyes go?!?! it looks like i have slits

Anyways everthing is pretty busy here, getting ready to chaperone the youth retreat and anchor myself to my desk, i can't wait for my upcoming trip (paris, switzerland and germany). I literally probably spend 1/2 my day looking up stuff for the trip on the internet and the other half talking to Jason and Kaiya. I'm totally getting a raise soon, i'm such a necessary team player.