Monday, December 10, 2007


So today I left the house same as normal. Rushing out half hour late, set the alarm pull the door behind me do a second shove to make sure its secure. I drove to work like normal and got there and started up my computer and got a call from the alarm company that someone had broken in the front door.
I just got home and checked the house with Schmoop and it looks as if nothing was taken but don't you know we are going to jack up our alarm system. If you sneeze in the front yard it will call the freaking cops.
Try me punks.


mama k said...

oh how scary! Thank the Lord that you had that alarm system in place! said...

That is so scary. I just love having an alarm system. It makes me feel so much better, but it is scary that you actually needed it. )-: People get crazy during the holidays.( Unfortunately)