Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beyotch Medicine

So I've been ordering from Frontier coop with some ladies near me. This months order seemed to have a theme for me. I got some Bach's Rescue Remedy which is a stress reducer, you're supposed to put a few drops on your tongue when you feel a stressful situation coming up (PMS, or Helloooo THANKSGIVING!). Also I got some Red Rasberry Leaf which is also supposed to help with those crazy hormones us girls are proned too. So I should be a much happier Dirkey, I'll let you know how it goes after Thanksgiving!!!


Trace said...

I have Rescue Remedy and it did help. It was very small in a jar w/a dropper and I was able to keep it in my handbag for emergency purposes, LOL>

mama k said...

Man, I wish I had my RR today. hehe
Technically the Red Raspberry Leaf "tones your uterus"
That phrase cracks me up. :)
Seriously though it has helped with cramps for me and it's also good for preggos and new moms too.