Monday, November 05, 2007


Tonight I'm making my dad his birthday dinner, he cracks me up because he can have whatever he wants and I asked him what he wanted and this is what he said...
"Well hmm you know those curly noodles they look like acordians, I want those. Also some Ragu sauce (the man can have whatever he wants and he asks for Ragu). Then take some ground beef and mix it in and top it off with mozzarella."
Hey said this with his hands brought up to his face in anticipation tapping his fingers together and with a gleam in his eye like he wanted a Red Rider BB gun.
Talk about low expectations, I think he's getting bored of his retirement staple of eating at diners and bringing the leftovers home for the next day.
What really floored me though was dessert, I offered a pie or a cake and his eyes glazed over and his fingers tapped excitedly

"no I want Tapioca pudding"
I laugh whenever I think of this little exchange we had.

Little does he know the Tapioca pudding was made with coconut milk ha ha ha......
The rest of it I'm going to make as he specified but I'm going to make mine separate without the meat or cheese. Maybe I'll throw some seiton in for some texture. Since we are back on the wagon
Schmoop and I have a rule that when we eat out we can eat whatever we want (meat and dairy included). Well it seems we've been eating out alot lately with our trip to Chicago a couple of weeks ago and just not being home alot. We are really going to try and make the effort to cook alot more. I made a big batch of chili so we froze some of it and put some of it in the fridge; I'm figuring that will be a good thing to grab when we're busy or don't have time to cook.


Trace said...

He he, whenever we try the freeze extra portion thing we forget it's in there. I am learning to label the container w/the date and what is inside because everything looks the same once it's frozen.

Happy Birday to your daddio!!

Michelle Smiles said... those simple tastes - sometimes it really is the best!

Kudos to you on continuing the vegan thing. I couldn't do it so my hat is off!

mama k said...

That's so funny.
Have fun!