Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hey Hey its Day 1

I'm going to tell you a little story about last night. I'm whats known as a celebrator. I love to celebrate everything. Come within 5 feet of me near Christmas time and you'll get covered in tinsel. Well last night was Halloween and our first married one in our new house at that and I was so excited! I had the night planned. I had the candy in the dishes, organic lollipops and chocolate (so we wouldn't get egged). We had our pumpkins sitting on the front porch just itching to get carved and I was just waiting for the hubby to get home to carve with me. Well he gets home with some dinner and I tell him my idea and he says "Do I have to"; seriously how did a celebrator marry a fuddy duddy like that! I started questioning everything I've ever known to be true. I love this man, how can he not throw everything he is into celebrating whatever holiday, season, etc there is. Schmoop noticed my distress and begrudgingly obliged. We get outside and he's like ok how do I do it, so I turn him to the internet to look up some designs for his pumpkin. So we started carving and carving and carving and don't you know, I see a smile on my schmoops face and he starts to get pretty into it. Going inside for toothpicks to attach pumpkin teeth and such. I can just tell that this is definitely going to be a yearly tradition. My Schmoop is one of those closet celebrators, I can heave a sigh of releaf; I did marry the right man.

Schmoops ended up being better than mine! Go figure!!
Mine is the saddest looking Jack O Lantern ever!!

picture of snow white checking her reflection

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Trace said...

VERY impressive pumkin carving. Ours always looks a little pathetic. This is the first year we haven't carved. I luv, luv, luv baking the pumpkin seeds.