Friday, November 30, 2007

Hershey Park Happy!!

So December 2nd, 2005 Jason and I had our first "official" date. I used to work with his brother and about 4 years before his brother had said "Hey, I have a brother that you would be good for"; to which I replied "Thats ok set ups are creepy". Schmoop started working with me as well and we became friends; we went to see Dave Matthews together, some movies and even up to NYC during Christmastime. I went away on Thanksgiving 2005 and realized that I missed him, it was then I kind of figured out that I liked him more than a friend. Later I found out that he was kind of figuring it out as well.
Our "first" date was at Hershey Park to see the Sweet Lights and walk around the park. I am a Christmas nut and love all things Christmas and hello throw chocolate in there and what more can you ask for?!?! Jason was living in VA and drove up to take me there. Then every weekend after that either he would come up here or I would go down there to visit. Until he finally moved up in September of 2006, we were talking about marriage by then and we were waiting till he found a job up here. Then when he did we were waiting to find a house, then we did the end of last November. So I know the proposal is coming up because we wanted to get married on St. Patricks Day and we set out to Hershey Park for our Anniversary date. Jason was the most tired I've ever seen him and we start driving in the wrong direction figure it out and turn around; we drive up right as the park was closing. We got to go through the Sweet Lights and went to get Hot Chocolate. The whole park is closing down so I start to get bummed cause I really thought it would be there, then he takes me aside and gets down on one knee and asked me to marry him in front of a whole set up of white twinkle lights. It was perfect and it has been a year and I'm so happy I said yes to the man of my dreams!
Needless to say Hershey is a special place for the two of us and we arranged for a weekend getaway for our 2 year anniversary this weekend. I CAN'T STINKING WAIT!!!!


Trace said...

My husband proposed to me in Hershey also. Over Christmas too. He arranged for us to stay at the Hershey Hotel, we had romantic dinners, and went to see the lights.

mama k said...

Happy 2 years! Here's to many more!

Enjoy your chocolate massages. :)