Tuesday, March 28, 2006

definition of a good day

getting to work and finding a free lunch, not pb and j but Scallops.. Yum summer here i come...

leaving work at 4pm...

and babysitting the adorable princess Hannahstasia...

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Switzerland seemed so cool, from a train.. Sitting on the Glacier Express watching the Swiss Alps roll past us as we chomped on Bread, Brie, and beer.. (yes that was almost every meal by choice!) But then we realized we would have to sleep somewhere, Jason was scared that his mothers worst fears would finally be realized...

But happily we did find an amazing place with a balcony that had a view on all sides of the Swiss Alps.. We even found a laundramat.. Here is a pic of Jason and I on our journey to smell less and less like we slept in our clothes.....

The POLICE are crazy party people in Switzerland, they are always stopping and FARTING!!! I don't know about you but nothing says party like a designated police farting area!!! WOO!!! (The gnome knows how to party)

First rule about fight club... try to look as tough as i do in this pic.. yeah i know, its impossible..

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Yeah still uploading pics..

I'm such a slacker, i've been home for almost a month and i'm still updating..
Switzerland, is by far, the MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We left Paris in style in a private room on the train (well it had our beds) with Baguettes, Brie and Champagne. It really felt like a movie, i've never been on a a train like that. I seriously thought i was in the middle of a murder mystery or something, except for the whole noone dies thing.. :)
From Zurich we took the train to Chur and got on the Glacier Express, which is a panoramic train through the Alps. Seriously the most gorgeous thing i've ever seen!
Here is a pic of Renee on the train you can see what it looks like behind her.

Here is the view

At one point we went through a tunnel and came out and all we could see was white from the snow, we could barely see.

I took this cause it reminded me of Narnia...

More to come later, we went to Interlacken switzerland and had some freaking good Fondue!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thinking of the future

He seems nice and all but i'm going to watch him closely around our kids at least until they are bigger than a pot roast...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

yes we did actually see the sights

Between all the schmoopiness we did see all the standard crap.. eiffel tower, louvre, notre dame, the arch de triumph, the FREAKING MOULIN ROUGE!!! blah blah blah...

seriously it was awesome..

Eiffel Tower sunset on Valentines day, this was taken in the courtyard of the Louvre on the way to the Arch de Triumph.. GORGEOUS!!!

This was on my list of things to see before i died, i have no clue why. it was impressive but why this??? Who knows...

Uh yeah i almost got killed for this one. We walked to Sacre Cour and by walk i mean almost died. We had our luggage and walked up a mountain of cobblestones (literally had to be about a mile straight uphill) It was gorgeous when we got there and well worth it. But we were beat and i was DETERMINED to see the Moulin Rouge before i left Paris, come on I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!!!!! Needless to say noone else was amused..

The Eiffel Tower all sparkly like..

Darth Schmoop....

is there any reason i don't love him??

It certainly isn't for lack of dress up, while we were in Europe he was a punk rocker, a tiger, a pirate and finally a clown.. well the clown was kind of creepy but in a cute way.. :)

Europe 2006

Hello boys, girls, and two people who read my blog. One of whom is sitting next to me.. :)

Here is a pic of the first day in Paris.