Thursday, November 08, 2007

Change Change Change....

So I've been attending the same church for about 10 years and it looks like its time to change it up. Not because I'm upset over anything but just because its so far from home. Schmoop and I would like to get involved with our neighborhood and our church but it doesn't seem like we can do that when we commute so far for church. So it seems we are church hunting right now. Its a weird place to be, I've never searched before. It will be good to get to know more people in my area but it will also be hard letting go of a place and people that I love dearly. At least we can still be friends.
weird sounds like I'm breaking up with my church.
"Congregation, I just want you to know its me not you, your great, really... I'm just not ready for this type of commitment this long distance relationship is just too much for me."
We'll see how the hunt goes. :)

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Trace said...

It's hard to make decisions like that. On the bright side, it might be a great way to meet people in your area!!