Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why I was up at Dawn

So both of my parents grew up down the shore and my sister ended up living down there full time. I am fortunate that when we go to visit her we can stay at some apartments my sister has right on the boardwalk. This weekend we stayed on her third floor apartment in Seaside and it was interesting to say the least. :)

The hubs and I drove down right as he got home from work on Friday night. We stopped on the way down at the Berkley Fish Market for some incredible Coconut Shrimp YUM!! and headed over to my sisters. She has a store on the boardwalk for the summer (she's a teacher) so this was a big weekend for the store. So we got there and said hi and got the keys to our apartment and brought everything we had packed up. We opened alot of the windows to clear the air as the apartment hasn't been occupied since December. The hubs and I were passing the time just talking to each other in the absence of any tv when we heard a commotion out the windows right by our head and peaked up and there were about 5 cop cars and 2 cop vans in the road next to us. We had a clear sight to see what they were doing. So we did what any nosy people would do and propped our heads up on our elbows and watched (we are huge fans of Law and Order and C.O.P.S. so it was right up our alley). Well there must have been a fight on the boardwalk or something cause they brought down like 3-4 people and cuffed and took away all but one of them right away. They started searching the one guy and took off his baseball cap and out falls these little packets of drugs! The hubs and I were like HOLY CRAP!! So then this boss cop runs over and screams "YOU JUST TRY TO PLEAD NOT GUILTY ON THIS, JUST TRY, WHO YOU GONNA GET TO DEFEND YOU??? JOHNNY COCHRAIN, OH YEAH HE'S DEAD. YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL!" The hubs and I were cracking up at this, the guy must have been practicing that in the mirror at home just waiting for an opportunity to say it to someone. So then they put the kid in the back of the van and get in the front and are just sitting there for a few minutes, all the sudden both cops jump out of the vans and get the guy out; he wriggled out of his handcuffs! So they put him in full out shackles! Sadly our cop drama ended there so we tried to go to bed.

Problem with going to bed was we had all the windows open and it was Memorial Day Weekend down the shore, IT WAS SO LOUD. Then it got cold. Then we decided we had enough sleep and lo and behold it was dawn. So we got up and walked to the beach. It was nice there weren't many people there, we took some pictures then went back to the apartment and took a couple hour nap.

I'll be updating this week with pictures of my sweeties as this auntie got to visit with three of her neices and one of her nephews this weekend. It was lovely seeing all of them as it had been awhile since we'd last seen some of them. I'll also be updating the best yard sale loot that I have ever gotten! Oh it was good.

It was a good weekend that we devoted soley to visiting with family so we missed out on some good parties friends were throwing. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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*shell* said...

Wow that is quite an exciting weekend to say the least!!