Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Farm

Pic taken by Dirkey at "Hitchners" 12/2005

I grew up on a 12 acre farm that was bought from an elderly woman (Mrs. Hitchner) who became part of our family. When she passed away she left my parents all of her land as well as a log cabin built in the 1700's. My parents farm now has 45-60 acres including this cabin. In my earlier twenties in that time after you move out but before you're completely independent from your parents, I asked them if I could move back in for a bit to save up money. They allowed me to live in this cabin instead. It was different from their house in that you couldn't see anything but fields and forests from the house.
I lived there while my husband and I first started dating. It was also there where he got his first "taste" of what being in the country was like when he would come visit. The calm of swinging outside on the porch, the beauty of cooking in the kitchen with the views of the fields, the sounds of the whipper wills and the frogs to carry you through the evening, looking out the windows to see deer grazing on the lawn; these are the things that he fell in love with. Although we currently live in a modest house in a subdivision our hearts yearn for a time we can purchase our own little place in the country with views of fields and forests from every window.


Razor Family Farms said...

I love your "The Farm" post! How neat that the lady left the land and cabin to your parents! I love that story! Better yet, your parents still have the farm and you can still go back!

What a blessing!

I am so glad that you shared your Farm with your readers. It is an important part of who you are.


Michelle Smiles said...

When I met my hubby, I had a log cabin on 10 acres of woods. Deer bedded down in my yard, turkeys wandered about, I had a fresh spring on my property. It was heavenly. I miss it and we too live in suburbia but dream of another cabin (maybe a little less rustic) on a little piece of land someday.