Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Summerish Changes Made to the Blog

The header was made this weekend on a dawn trip to the beach with the hubs, yeah, you read that right DAWN. I'll let you know that story later cause you know Dirkey's don't wake up at Dawn naturally.
The background was an edited version of a picture I took in Hawaii in 2005 while visiting family. The hubs and I are planning a trip to go out and spend some time there together (as he didn't get to go last time) in October to celebrate my 30th year on the planet.
Hope you like it I'm working on getting less busy here.
Hurumph, doesn't look like the background is working today, thats ok I like the white. :)


mama k said...

me likey

Razor Family Farms said...

Oh do I ever love DAWN trips to the beach! I always feel like fugitives when driving at such an hour -- that just adds to the fun!

Can't wait to read all about it!


*shell* said...

LOVE your new header...someday you'll need to tell me how u do that!

Trace said...

I love it!