Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So if you can't tell I'm still learning this whole blog design thing. I tend to make things a bit more busy than they should be but I'm still learning so bear with me.

I redesigned this months header and blog background tonight after my parents left, tell me what you think!

Dinner was lovely! I made Cajun Shrimp Linguini.

Recipe Follows:

2lbs Shrimp (steamed and cleaned)

1/2 cup butter

Worcester sauce

1 tsp cayenne

1 tsp red pepper flakes

1tsp Thyme

1tsp Rosemary

3 crushed garlic cloves

salt and pepper to taste.

As I mentioned before I'm not much of a measurer. But what I do is melt the butter in a skillet and add the garlic then all the spices. Take off heat and add Worcester Sauce, I generally add about 1/4 cup at first and then to taste. Add to shrimp and let marinatewhile you cook the pasta (you could marinate longer if you like but this works just fine). Add the whole mixture into the pasta (I didn't use Linguini tonight but Cajun Shrimp Spaghetti doesn't have the same ring to me)and add some more butter if necessary. If you like it spicy be liberal with Cayenne and red pepper flakes. Yumm!!!

Here is a picture of the table setting from tonight if you are interested.

The serving dishes were both my paternal grandmothers, crystal wine glasses were a wedding gift, dishes were my maternal grandmothers, linen from my sisters wedding, napkins were a gift from my aunt as was the water pitcher, the centerpiece was the same from mothers day (a mason jar with some blooms and ribbon tied around the top. Just going to show you, it doesn't cost alot of money to make a pretty table. Alot of my favorite serving dishes were clearance or yard sale items or things people were giving away.


Katie Gregg said...

That looks really yummy. I love spicy shrimp!

Trace said...

That sounds awesome! I'll try the recipe.

Razor Family Farms said...

Oh, yes, I am so going to have to make that yummy stuff right there. You just combined all of my favorite things and sent me into fits of hunger. Oh, yum. Oh, heaven! Delicious!