Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Pretty Setting

I love setting my table up "fancy". The hubs often teases me about it because I am pretty finicky about how my table looks. In my eyes I'm honoring my guests with how my house is presented. I know you can take that a little too far and not invite people over for fear of your house being a mess; but I'm not referring to that. I'm talking about just making things look nice and showing your guests that you made an effort to have them over.

I find joy in having a centerpiece to place on the table even if its just a simple one it does add something special to the look of your table. Sunday we used some azalea clippings from our front yard coupled with a couple of blooms that my SIL was sweet enough to bring over for me. I matched our cloth napkins to the blooms and I was very pleased with the way it looked. Notice all the napkins don't match exactly, thats fine, I just try to make the palate pleasing by using a couple colors that I try to bring out as much as possible. On this table its green and pink, notice my homemade bread is wrapped in a green dishtowel.
I have two plastic tubs filled with kitchen and dining room linens that were mostly gifts (thanks Aunt Sara!) that I love sifting through and finding something that matches what is in my minds eye. There is a lovely green on green tablecloth that I will use for St. Patty's Day (a VERY important holiday in our house), I have a bright yellow and green one that reminds me of Margerita's that I love for summer, I have a pretty aqua one that looks lovely with my china, some nice off white linen ones from my sisters wedding (Hi Anna!), and many many more.

To go with the linens I have also been blessed with a good amount of table settings. I have my everyday plates called "Butter" from Pier One which were a gift from Kitten Mom, I also inherited my paternal grandmothers every day plates, my Aunt Sara gave me her gorgeous china, and I inherited my maternal grandmothers China. When I use these pieces its like having those people with me. For Mothers Day we had the hubs family over and I set the table with my paternal grandmothers plates. They are just a Correll plate but I've set my grandmothers table hundreds of times with them and it was a nice way to honor her this Mothers Day. Today I am having my mother and father over to celebrate Mothers Day and I will be setting the table with my maternal grandmothers china. I know my mother will appreciate this and I can honor my maternal granmothers memory as well.
To some this may seem silly and sentimental but I think it is important to incorporate beauty into our day to day routine. Its equally important to me to honor those that have gone before, the people who I grew up aspiring to cook like and act like. Even if I'm the only one who knows we're eating of Gram's plates at least I'll smile thinking of all the times I've spent drying them while my Gram washed in the kitchen after a Sunday meal. Its amazing how much joy you can find in the simple details.

"God has given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other, passing on to others God's many kinds of blessings."
1 Peter 4:10
What kind of abilities do you have to bless others with? Do you have traditions that you pass down through your family that you hold special? How do you honor those who are special to you that are no longer with us?


Razor Family Farms said...

What a beautiful way to celebrate and remember each of the amazing women in your life! I love that you used the "every day" china because of the memories you have of washing it with your grandmother.

I have my grandmother's good china but never got the "every day" set. There is a part of me that wishes that I had it. Of course, her good china isn't easily accessed in our home right now. We do not have a china press and really need one. All that gorgeous china is up in the attic instead of out where I can see it and think of holidays and parties.

Blessings to you!

*shell* said...

The table looks beautiful!