Monday, May 12, 2008

I should still be sleeping

Today the wind is howling and the rain is falling. I'm wearing a hoodie and sweats to work (I love my job). My eyes are drooping and I'm ready to curl up next to my sweetie and watch a movie but its Monday, so its not meant to be. I'm plying myself with coffee and fruit trying to steal some energy from either of them, so far its not working. Today I want to go to CVS, Walgreens and the grocery store; then make a healthy dinner and snuggle. I always make too many plans for one day. Tomorrow my parents are coming over to celebrate Mother's Day, I'm looking forward to seeing them and cooking for them. We had the hubs family over yesterday and it was really nice, his grandmother is up for the summer from Florida. She makes me laugh even though communicating is hard as I yell into her ear for my end of the conversation. I'm planning on showing her my CVS tricks I have a feeling she'll enjoy it. It makes me wish I was able to have a grown up relationship with any of my grandparents, it would have been fun to get to know who they really were and have some adventures together but they are all gone now. I made a roast, roasted potatoes, gravy and homemade bread with homemade banana bread and ice cream for dessert. I enjoyed it, the banana bread was a little dry. I usually don't follow recipes but follow smells for some reason I didn't do that with the bread. Oh well still edible just not as tasty.
I'm making Cajun Shrimp Linguini for my parents, its one of the hubs favorites. I made it for him our first Valentines together, the night before we went to Europe with friends. Whenever I make it I remember eating it by candlelight in that little cabin and waiting to cook it till he was at the Deleware Memorial Bridge (we had a long distance relationship but saw each other every weekend, I became a pro at planning dinner by traffic patterns). We brought my parents over the leftovers as we were going away the next day and they housed them so I know they'll enjoy them. I think I'll make a chocolate cake for dessert.


Razor Family Farms said...

I love that you planned your dinners around traffic patterns! That is so sweet! We planned meals around deployments -- not so cute.

The linguini sounds fabulous. Any chance you'll share the recipe or is it Top Secret?

I never follow the recipe either. Nor do I measure with measuring cups. The only time I measure accurately is when I am making soap.

Blessings to you!

Em said...

I agree with you about wishing I had an adult relationship with my grandparents, especially my maternal grandfather. The ones I was close to all passed away before I was 10 and the others I didn't see much and passed away by the time I was 15.

I have been lucky enough to be "adopted" by my stepdad's parents, though. I rarely get to see them and they are VERY old now, but it is always nice to visit when I'm on the west coast. They've always treated me as one of their own, so I guess I've been blessed in that way.

I think it's fantastic how you're hosting both sets of parents...what a special time. Enjoy your dinner.