Thursday, May 01, 2008

Frugal Friday-Its all in your mind

One of the things that have helped me the most with being frugal is straight up in my brain. Taking time to realize what I have really puts in perspective what I need. I've been on some missions trips to third world countries that have changed my life, they have shown me the excess that we live with in the United States. When I get caught up in the American mentality of buy buy buy I try to stop and remember what I have seen.
The first time I went to Haiti I met a little boy named Edward, he was 10 and just the sweetest little boy. Edward and I became best buds for my time down there and every time I went off of the "compound" Edward was right at my side. He brought me to meet his family, his mother and two little sisters who lived in a space that was about the size of my kitchen pantry. It had two closet sized rooms(not walk in's either); the first one had a waist high "table" that Edward and his sisters slept on, the second had some blankets on the floor where his mother slept. I gave the little gifts that I brought with me to Edward and his family as well as whatever else I had. My last day there I was walking to the bus to go to the airport and Edward ran up from behind and pressed something in my hand and ran away. I looked and it was the smoothest, most beautiful shell I have ever seen. I keep this shell with my most prized posessions and look at it often to remind me of what I have.

Usually during these periods of introspection I realize that we have plenty. That my 9 year old Ford Escort is good transportation, that our house is more than what we need, that I don't need ANOTHER pair of shoes. That shell keeps me from spending and inspires me to give more. Thats exactly the type of person I wanted to be when I was little.

Basically taking stock and being thankful for the things you have is my Frugal tip for the week.

This Weeks Participators:

EmInStitches has been brown bagging it and found that it helps more than her pocketbook
Mama K is saving her cash in the beverage dept

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Found out that Frugal Friday didn't start here-the original is at Biblical Womanhood


mama k said...

true that. When you stop to get some perspective about how most of the world lives, you can't help but feel tremendously blessed.
I'm blogging about beverages today.

Trace said...

What a great post.

Razor Family Farms said...

Hi! Congratulations on your new fridge (well -- soon anyway!)! I wanted to ask you how you made your code box. I need HELP with mine. Wordpress keeps messing up my code!

Thank you for coming by!