Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brain Alignment

When I was younger we would go as a family up to my parents house in Maine, my father's best friend, my Uncle Jim had a house next door. Uncle Jim is a funny guy and whenever we did something without thinking or said something without thinking he would say we needed a brain alignment. He would grab our head in his hand and shake it around a bit, we would crack up! Its definitely one of my favorite memories with Uncle Jim as he's also good with sound effects so he would add them in liberally through this process.

Well I think I need a little of a brain alignment now, but can't take the trip up to Maine to have my Uncle Jim do the honors. Recently I've noticed myself not focusing on the good in the people around me in friends and family members. I've been focusing on the little annoying features, which EVERYONE has, including (shocker!!) me. While life has been good, the hubs and I have been very happy and things are going well; things would be infinitely better if I focused on the positives around me. I think I'm going to start a negative jar (kind of like a swear jar) and put a quarter in anytime I find myself dwelling on the negatives in anyone. When the jar gets a little bit of cash in it, I'll buy a card and writing a nice note to one of the people that I've not been appreciating as I should. I'm also going to work on just talking about whats going on in my life, its not my business to talk about whats going on in everyone else's life; even if the things you are talking about aren't secrets. I think its easy to go from discussing and venting to just plain old gossiping and I think I've crossed the line a little more than I would like to lately.

As far as weight loss goes, I've been doing very well in the past few weeks. I've been noticing myself choosing the right things and establishing better habits. Its hard that its not coming off as fast as I would like but thats ok. I'm becoming a healthier person by just plugging away at it and working on changing my mindset towards food and its place in my life.

Yes, that sound you heard was me getting a brain alignment courtesy of my own conscience.


Em said...

Thanks for sharing this, Dirkey. I think we can all use a few "brain alignments" from time to time. Thanks for giving me (and others) a good something to think about. I know I could probably use a jar every once in awhile myself:) And GREAT JOB on the healthy eating and weight loss.

mama k said...

Yeah, it's easy to see the annoying bits of people and not really cut them any slack.
It's important to remember the GRACE and LOVE we've been shown and to try and pass that on to others. I'm all about boundries and sometimes we need to set them for even ourselves.
Praying for people always helps me get a *brain alignment* in my attitude towards that person. For some reason by praying for them, God always changes my heart toward compassion and away from judgement.
Speaking of, I know I need to add some people to my list. :) said...

We all need a brain allignment every once in a while. Its true what we spend our time doing. Instead of looking at ourselves its so easy to spread what others are doing. Its not so easy to open up. I'm happy that you are planning on sharing. Its so great that you are losing weight. I have stopped trying right now. Sleep deprevation really has made me just want to sleep all the time so hopefully I will feel better soon and get back on the right track.
Also in college my chaplain made this really cool analogy. She talked about how many times in the Bible it talks about Sheep and how we are the sheep. We see also how a wolf can steel the sheep. And how satan is like a wolf trying to steel the sheep. And how our sheep can be just little things like happiness, joy,etc. So everytime something goes wrong in my life I still remember that anaolgy. And I'm like satan is not going to steel my sheep today. Well anyway keep smiling.

*shell* said...

Great post, great thoughts. Whenever we get too comfortable it's easy to fall into the negative thinking mentality. Thanks for sharing!