Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saturday-Yes this should have pictures attached to it

So yesterday I decided I wanted to go yard sales, so the hubs and I went out and checked out a few. We didn't see anything we liked but it was nice to just walk around together with hot coffee, we even ran into one of his good friends and hung out with her and her little baby for a little bit!
After our yard sales the hubs went home to play with his motorcycle to get it on the road. Hopefully he'll be able to get it on the road to save some cash this summer. While he was doing that I took his grandmom around, she is up for the summer from Florida and just cracks me up. We went galavanting together over to Target but didn't see too many deals. The hubs met up with us later and we all went to a park to see the hubs twin and his family but they weren't there yet (not good planning, I guess we should have checked to see if they were there before we went over!). The hubs, Grandmom and I walked around the park for awhile cause it was so nice out!! We left there and met up with the hubs dad at Lowes to get some stuff for our front yard (his dad works there so we were rocking the employee discount!). From there we went home and I put everyone to work.
We took out these ugly white rocks that were bordering our little walkway, put new mulch down, planted some lily's and moved some Lily of the Valley. The Lily of the Valley were all clumped up and looking dumpy now I planted them to border our walkway (instead of our fugly rocks). We also weeded and swept up. Yes, I put my FIL and my sweet GIL (grandmom in law) to work; but we did have a good time. It looked so nice when we were all done!! The hubs bbq'd up some venison that his friend from work gave him and me and the Grandmom made a salad in the kitchen. I was cleaning up the kitchen after we finished making the grub and the G'mom grabbed a broom and helped, it was so sweet!

Today I'm getting my shopping lists and coupons together; I'm going to pick up G'mom again to go shopping with me. The hubs is building my garden boxes, I want to start planting my garden soon!!!! I have all my seedlings in the window box ready to go!!