Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wedding Cake

This was by far the most challenging cake I have ever made. Tamara and I tackled it for my friend Gelsey's wedding but it just involved soo much prep. I could never find a picture of it till I stole one from Tamara.

It was after this cake that I realized you shouldn't make a wedding cake for someone when you're in the bridal party. The only other time I did this was for my sister in law Amy's wedding and I've always regret not being there for her the week of her wedding. Amy had a very low key casual wedding. Gelsey had a regular church wedding with all of us wearing dresses etc and it was just tooo much. But it did turn out really pretty :)


mama k said...

This picture doesn't do it justice. It was seriously one of the most stunning cakes I've ever seen.

Dirkey? Overcommit? Never!

Dirkey said...

awe thanks mama k!
yeah me... what?!?!