Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hawaii Pt 1

Was having a problem posting, this was written on the first day.  We are "borrowing" an internet connection and it won't allow me to post pictures.. grrrrrr

Let me just tell you that I feel infinitely better than I ever have.  As I write I'm sitting on the Lanai of our rental and watching the sunrise over the ocean.  The hubs and I woke up around 4 am and took a walk on the beach.  It was so soothing just walking on the ocean with noone around, watching crabs crisscross in front of us and run into the ocean to get out of our paths.  We sat down to take a look at the stars and just watch the waves break and listen to the sounds of the ocean.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw something glimmer as a wave hit it and it ended up being a little piece of phosphorescent something (maybe sand?!).  We found a few more little pieces and watched them glow in our hands like I used to a long time ago with lightening bugs.  When we got back we made a nice breakfast and brought it out to the Lanai (where I am right now).
It really seems that just every piece of this trip has been extremely blessed.  There were a few things we were hoping for that we weren't quite sure they would come to be.  The first thing was that our connecting flight was through Minneapolis and I was hoping and wishing we might be able to see my sister and her family.  Buuut our layover was only for about an hour so we were thinking it wouldn't happen.  As it ended up our plane landed a half hour early and my sister happened to check it and rush her two kids over to visit.  I can't even tell you how happy that made me to be able to see them for just a little bit.  The last time I saw her baby girl was when I was up for her birth and now she is just the most curious little baby!  I was holding her and she would quietly check out everything around her, whipping her little body all over the place to check things out.  She also is WAY cuter than any of her pictures (maybe my sister should take some classes or something, lol!).  It definitely made my trip to be able to see them and we hadn't even gotten to our destination yet!!!  
The next plane ride was LONG!  We were sandwiched in between two people in the middle row of a HUGE airplane.  I watched 4 movies (one of them being Baby Mama-again!) and we still had time.  Ended up talking to the girl next to me, she was on her way to see her husband who is stationed out here for the army getting ready to be deployed to Afghanastan.  She's here for exactly the same amount of time we are so I'm definitely praying that she is able to have a wonderful vacation and time together with her hubs.  ok ok so we landed and took the shuttle to pick up our car.  We reserved a convertible which was either going to be a Sebring or a Mustang.  The hubs really wanted a mustang so I let the woman helping us know that it would make his vacation.  She said they are usually reserved for upgrades but she would check for us.  She ended up handing us the keys to a gorgeous silver mustang convertible!!!
We drove up to our rental and went straight to the ocean (ok ok maybe not straight there lol!). The water was so crystal clear and it was amazing just floating and swimming with noone else around enjoying the views of palm trees and open ocean.  From there we went to a shrimp truck for dinner, shrimp trucks are pretty popular on the north shore and considering our considerable love of all things seafood I knew we would be visiting several times.  The one we went to was called Yoshimura and the family that ran it was so incredibly sweet.  They fixed us some AMAZING garlic shrimp then when we were ready to go they invited us to join them in their dinner we were so full but tasted some and it was so good!  As we were leaving they told us what they were making for the rest of the week and invited us back to eat with them.  I am always amazed at the kindness of strangers on our travels, we have really met some wonderful people!
So if you haven't been able to tell I'm going to use this blog as sort of a travel journal to document our time here.  

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