Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hawaii Day 4-the imposters

Today we wanted to go to the Royal Hawaiian for breakfast, its on the beach of Waikiki and the view is just a sea of white and pink umbrellas its really pretty.  It, however, is closed for renovations and they are taking away all the pink and white umbrellas, boo.  So we went to Turtle Bay for their breakfast buffet and holy moly was it good.  Our favorites were the smoked salmon, the smoked ahi, the waffles with coconut syrup and the sticky buns with macadamia nuts.  Nom nom nom sooo good!!  We definitely got our fill from breakfast and decided to mascarade as resort guests.  Turtle Bay Resort is located on a Peninsula so basically everywhere you go you have a view of the ocean.  We took advantage of their pools our favorite being their 4 ft pool with a slide, the slide was AWESOME so fast!  I did get a slight shoulder injury from flinging myself down the slide trying to get momentum.  We swam all day long in their pools, relaxed in the hot tubs and went down to the ocean for awhile and swam there.   While at turtle bay we booked a couples oceanside massage, after we paid for that I didn't feel too bad about using all their amenities.  We left to grab some shrimp from a shrimp truck before our appointment.

For the massage they bring you to this little hut with three walls, with the open wall being to the ocean.  Inside they have two massage tables set up for you.  It was seriously the BEST massage.  The guy giving me mine used just the right amount of pressure.  The hubs liked his massage as well.  It was so nice getting a massage while listening to the waves crash on the rocks and the birds chirping-so much better than a cd!  

After our massages we headed back and hit the sack.  Tired from all that swimming!!!

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Arent the messages wonderful on the beach. That was me and B's favorite. (-: I loved it soooooooooo much. We always talk about the messages we had on the beach in hawaii. (-:

mama k said...

Sounds like you are having an amazing time! So happy you guys are enjoying everything.