Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty grrrrrrr

So you all know I got a new kitten awhile ago. This kitten is a sweetie but he has a little too much energy. He also LOVES any container with water: his water bowl, the toilet, vases, the watering can. He will knock over any vase with flowers wherever it might be. He will also jump on the top of the couch and root through the curtains and the window shade to try to get the watering can that is on the windows ledge. Seriously containers of water are like crack to my kitten and its getting kinda old to me.
Last night I was laying on the couch playing on my computer and the kitten jumped up and was messing with the curtains. I had it and reached up to swat him down. Well apparently I should have paid more attention cause the cat landed on my face. I know a close up of my face is totally what you want to see in the morning so here we go (bonus grumpy face to get the point across):

Here is a close up on the damage on my schnozz:


Happyplace. said...

Awww, it's just a cute little kitten...
and the scratch adds character.

Em said...

OUCH! Sorry about your kitty wound! I totally hear you about the kitties. I have my 2 new fosters which are the best kitties, both are 5-6 months old and the most lovable and energetic cats I've had yet. The only thing is that one (Pepperjack) keeps deciding that he wants me to give him "lovins" in the middle of the night. So, while I'm sleeping, he headbutts me, then proceeds to do "happy feet" on my arm with his unusually long and sharp claws. UGH!

ctf said...

It's me, Stace. I am now a dirkey reader. I am loving your blog and I am missing you. I'm thinking me and Melody will need to do a road trip and meet up with you or somethin. A thought for all of our free time. LOL.

BTW... I had a cat named Eve that I later changed to Evil because of all the scratching etc... poor thing ended up getting dropped off at a local farm when my parents came to visit once. :( I know. I'm awful.