Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hawaii Day 3

We woke up later (around 7:30-8:30) and went straight out swimming in the ocean to check our our snorkels and fins.  The current was crazy strong but the fins really helped.  I saw a couple of fish one was long and black and white striped with what looked like fingers on his tail.  I also saw a whole school of silvery looking small fish.  We did a few laps in the pool after that then headed out to find breakfast.  Breakfast ended up being a very sorry affair, it was supposedly a local favorite the "Loco-Moco".  The Loco Moco is rice toped with a burger topped with an egg.  This was more like Encore frozen dinner Salisbury Steak, it was nasty!  We stopped at this gift shop/restaurant for it, the gift shop had some interesting gifts (A wooden version of male genetalia wearing a grass skirt that was an ashtray).  Needless to say we didn't buy anything (well except for one of those bad boys for mama k).  
After our craptacular breakfast we went on to Honolulu and to the Bishop Museum.  The Bishop Museum was pretty interesting and explained a good deal about the royal Hawaiian family, geology, history and ecology.  The hubs and I had a good time in the science center, you could simulate a volcano using hot wax, dress up as native Hawaiian animals, drive a underwater camera, make a two store volcano erupt.  I loved learning all about the royal family cause I'm a sucker for a good biography.  There were also artifacts from all over Polynesia.  
After that we walked around Waikiki for awhile then went to a good sushi restaurant.  This one was not fast food and it was soooo good!!!  The hubs and I are freaks about sushi so we were really looking forward to some crazy sushi eating while here.  From there we went onto First Friday, First Friday is when all of the gallery's have open houses.  Many of them have live music and wine as well.  We had such a good time walking from gallery to gallery looking at everything.  The Hawaii Theater (which was a gorgeous old Theatre) had live music up in their piano bar, so we went and looked around the theatre and then checked out the musician.  I got to tell all my fiber arts people that there were 2 or 3 galleries dedicated to just fiber arts, I was pretty impressed at how well they were represented.  After we got done with first friday we headed back to our rental and hit the sack.

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