Friday, October 03, 2008

Hawaii Day 2

Yesterday started out with breakfast on the Lanai.  From there we were just winging it.  We took a drive up to the north shore and stopped to watch some surfers along a couple of beaches.  We stopped to get some shave ice at Matsumoto's.  We walked around Hale-iwa which is a cute little town with lots of little shops, we didn't really buy anything but had a good time walking around.  From there we drove down through the middle of Oahu and stopped at the Dole Pineapple Plantation.  Let me just say it was Pineapple-tacular.  The hubs and I were cracking up at the amount of pineapple paraphanalea, they really had ANYTHING you could imagine.  After we had some pineapple juice and pineapple ice cream we walked out to the WORLD'S LARGEST MAZE.  I was interested till we found the first mark (there were 8 that you had to find) then I followed the hubs and looked at the pretty scenery.  The hubs is particularly skilled with large pineapple mazes I found out and we found all of the marks we had to hit very easily.  It amazes me sometimes how we fit together, he is good with details that I have no time or patience for and I'm much better looking at the whole picture.
After the Pineapple plantation we needed to go to the store cause schmoop forgot his sunglasses.  We found a Ross and got sunglasses and also a Hawaiian shirt for his dad as a thank you for driving us to the airport.  The hubs needed a haircut so we went to do that next and then onto Walmart (they didn't really have too many other options and Jason needed a snorkle).  After all that we were Jonesing for some sushi so we went to this sushi place in a strip mall and if you can believe it, it was pretty much fast food sushi.  They had pictures of everything they had and it was all assigned one of four colors.  Each color had a price associated with it and at the end they just added up how many red's, blue's, green's and yellows you had. You sat down at a counter that had a conveyor belt attached to it with jars of wasabi slowly making their trip around.  We only spent around $20 and were sushi stuffed (that usually costs us about $50-60.  Ha ha one of the things we ordered was spam sushi, which apparently is HUGE here for breakfast cause we have seen it EVERYWHERE.  After that we went back to our rental.
We decided we had to check out our new fins for snorkeling so the hubs and I had a fin race down to the ocean.  I don't know if you have ever tried to run/walk in flippers but it is really hard, let alone trying to pass someone!!  We went out in the ocean a bit then into the pool for a few more laps then to bed.. Seriously it was 8pm we were tired!!.

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