Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hawaii Day Three Pics

This awesome old Theatre had about 5 events for First Friday including a pretty good musician. Old Theatres are also probably my favorite places to explore SCORE!!

This was the childrens area of the Bishop Museum. I love that the hubs and I can just be silly and have a good time together. Its nice to be able to do things like this with your best friend.

The hubs taking stock of his surroundings on his trusty steed.

This was a wind wall, I just liked the way the picture turned out.

This was a VERY small museum dedicated to Hawaiian pop culture, I just liked the way this display of drink stirers looked.


Em said...

The pic of your hubby on the snail reminds me of "The Neverending Story". Remember the dude that rode the racing snail?

ctf said...

I totally remember the racing snail.

You guys are so adorable.