Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hawaii Pics pt 1-Minnesota

So I mentioned before that on the way out to Hawaii we had a layover in Minnesota (a.k.a. the frozen arctic tundra). Many of you know that my sister Anna lives in this tundra with her husband and her two little frozen children. I haven't seen her or her kids since January when I went to help her after her daughter was born. Yes, you read that right. I AM the best sister in the world, I went to MINNESOTA in JANUARY to help a sista out.
Me and K in Jan
So as kids are proned to do she has changed in the nine months that followed that little visit and I was floored to see the beauty she has become.

It was so great to see my sister and the kids. I hope its sooner rather than later that I get to visit with her again.


Melody Strayer said...

Awww, what cuties?

Ummm... what's in Minnesota? You're not from Minnesota, are you?

Dirkey said...

To answer Melody: There is NOTHING in Minnesota other than frozen arctic tundra and my sister and her family. Anna is a glutton for punishment so she moved to a place that your nose can freeze within 10 seconds of going outside.
Love you Anna :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, those have to be the most adorable beautiful children i have ever seen in my life...........