Friday, October 17, 2008

My Flip

So I think I mentioned here that I bought the amazing Flip Video for the hubs for his birthday. When I got it I also splurged for the underwater case knowing that we would be LOVING that bad boy in Hawaii! Well when we got to Hawaii we found out that the underwater case wasn't working so well and the whole thing broke about 4 days into our trip. BOOO!!!!! The day it broke we were in Hanauma Bay, one of the best snorkelling destinations in the world, and about 5 minutes after it broke we saw a Hammerhead shark!!! OH MY GOSH DO I WISH THAT THING WAS WORKING THEN!!!!! Here's the letter I sent to them, I'll let you know what I get back.

I'm writing to let you know what happened with my flip video. You see, my husband and I have been saving our pennies for a trip to Hawaii. We are keenly aware that this could very well be our last real vacation as we are looking to start a family soon and we hear kids are pretty expensive. For my husbands birthday in August I ordered the Flip Video with the Underwater case so that we could record and remember this major trip. At first we were in love with its simplicity, and talked so many of our friends into purchasing as well. Then we took it on our trip. The first few days it was fine, but then we tried it underwater (with the underwater case). The underwater case did not keep out the water and the camera hasn't started since. Sadly the day it broke we were in Hanauma Bay, one of the best snorkeling locations in the world and also the ENTIRE reason we bought the flip video with the underwater case. We are back from our vacation now and are understandably devastated that we weren't able to capture the majority of our trip like we had planned to. I have enclosed our invoice below, please let me know how you plan to rectify this situation.
Sincerely and with a broken heart,


Melody Strayer said...


Did you really sign it "Dirkey"?

mama k said...

That S U C K S... but a funny letter.

Dirkey said...

No, didn't sign it Dirkey but I'm not blasting my IRL name out there. :)