Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Day 6-Relax

We spend Monday just relaxing.  The hubs picked up some spam at the grocery store so we could have an authentic breakfast.  It was not that horrible (and it horrifies me to admit that).  After breakfast we stayed around here and swam a bit in the ocean and in the pool and just relaxed.  At about 4 we decided we wanted to go into Honolulu so we went to the Pali lookout on the way.  The Pali lookout is at the top of the mountain range that separates Honolulu from the Southeastern part of the island.  The Hawaiian king Kamehameha was said to fight the battle of Oahu here with the losers running off the cliff to their death; he eventually conquered all of the islands and unified Hawaii for the first time.  From the Pali lookout you can pretty much see most of the Eastern (windward) side of the island.  From there we went into Waikiki and tried to catch the torch lighting ceremony but we were too late.  We ended up walking around Waikiki and just checking out all the fancy shops, laughing at how much people pay for weird things they are never going to use.  The hubs picked up a cigar so we went down to the beach and he smoked and I played with my camera and the lighting.  Got some pretty fun shots of Waikiki and whatnot.  From there we got lost on the way home and ended up going the super long way back.  It was a fun ride tons of twists and turns and ocean views, yes even at 11pm you can have an ocean view.  We got back to the rental and just crashed.

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