Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Little Diva

So last week I flew out to Minnesota to visit my new little niece, Kaila Grace. While on the plane the pilot does the normal bit we are now starting our decent on Minneapolis, Minnesota where the current weather is partly cloudy with chance of snow and the current temperature is -15 degrees Fahrenheit. Errrrrr..... What was that, -15 degrees, don't you die in weather like that?!?! It took alot to get me off that plane when my first reflex was that if I stayed there they might bring me back home to New Jersey where the weather was a balmy 34 degrees. But I realized if I didn't get off I would have spent all that money for the ticket for nothing and the penny pincher in me wouldn't let that happen. I'm glad I did get off the plane because I got to spend a nice week with my sister, her hubs, my nephew and my brand new little niece; despite the - temperature and catching some crazy illness from my nephew.
You guys know that I'm big on picture taking, and my family has affectionately dubbed me "the paparazzi" when it comes to my nieces and nephews. Well, Kaila Grace put me in my place right away, here is the "Diva" spelling out to me the photography rules. "You will not photograph my bad side, I must be fully awake and ready for any flash photography, all negatives must be approved by me before they are ready for posting, etc"

Here is my nephew Ryan, playing the part of doting big brother very well

Sweet little Kaila and a shy smile (no its not gas I swear, I just told her a joke.)

Auntie Dirkey and Ryan (he is secretly trying to figure out how to get my Nintendo DS out of my bag and into his hands)

Auntie Dirkey and Kaila (she is showing off her Dirkey cheeks, she just woke up and has red spots just like Auntie!)

It was so nice to see them but I don't think a trip out to the frozen tundra will be in the works for Dirkey for a very long time. Especially in January, what in the WORLD was I thinking!! So Anna if you're reading this try to plan another summer baby.

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mama k said...

She's so pretty! The cameraphone pics didn't do her justice. :)