Tuesday, April 08, 2008

She's Crafty

Ten points for anyone who can quote the next 5 words of the song from my blog title. Seriously though I am a frequent reader of Down-To-Earth, a very simple blog about simple living. I've been trying to change my lifestyle to be less consumer driven and find more joy in the simple things in life. We've been baking our own bread, making more of our gifts to others, gardening, doing more handcrafts, etc. Well Down to Earth has all these swaps, I've been in her apron swap and now her shopping tote swap. I'm a beginner sewer so sometimes I feel bad for the peeps getting my stuff but the only way to get better is to do. I made a bag with crazy long handles to kind of sling across your body while you shop. My swap partner Mary likes retro type fabrics so I used a funky fabric that seemed quite 70-esque to me.
I also added a liner which I was pretty proud of.

Whatcha think?

I just got mine yesterday and she made me two awesome totes and some produce and bulk food bags made out of thrift store curtains! What an awesome idea, I'm totally going to make some more!! I'll put up pictures tomorrow of those as I had to charge my camera last night.


Anonymous said...

She get's around, she's crafty and she's always down

Megan said...

...and she's just my type! Cool bag dirkey. You inspire me with your multi-crafty ways.

Mary said...

*Love* the bag! Don't worry about being a beginner - it looks great to me ;-)