Friday, April 18, 2008

Frugal Friday!


So a huge interest of mine currently is frugality and trying to maximize the money we have and saving as much as we possibly can. Lately I've been reminded of the story of Joseph in the Bible, where the Pharoah made him second in command and made him in charge of keeping the people of Egypt from starving during the years of famine. Joseph made a plan during the years of plenty to carry his people through the years of scant. The story just impresses on me the need for frugality that no matter how much you have that you should not use more than you need. In our country there is a great emphasis on having things, the best houses, cars, clothes, jewelry, etc and sometimes its hard to step back and ask yourself if you really need these things. Well thats what this frugal friday is about, its about those moments where you step back and start thinking of things you could change. What I would like is for people start blogging every Friday about the steps they are taking towards frugality however small they may be. I have friends who are starting herb gardens, making their own bathroom cleaners, one friends husband is even forsaking his beloved cheese in his ham and cheese sandwhich until the weekends to save some money; its all about the small steps. Small steps added together add up to a big change.

How to participate:
1. Take the button code below and put at the top of your frugal friday post
2. Leave a comment letting us know that you are participating on my FF Post.
From there I will make a list letting people know what you are up to and linking to your blog.

If you don't have a blog, you can always leave comments letting us know how you are cutting costs!

If you are on Google Reader, you will actually have to click over to my blog to get the code. :)

Update 4/25/08, I just found out that Biblical womanhood already does a frugal friday!
I guess great minds think alike. I'm going to keep going with this one as well to get more people thinking about frugality.
Check out the original at Biblical Womanhood


Trace said...

Ok, chica. We've been making our own pizza instead of ordering out. And yes, the herb garden is a biggie in our house.

mama k said...

tips. have I got tips? hehe

count me in!

mama k said...

My tips this week are about maximizing the produce budget:

Razor Family Farms said...

We bake our own bread, make our own yogurt, cream cheese, mayo, pizza, soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, potting soil, and more!

It is such a rewarding life - being on a budget.

I love your blog!


*shell* said...

count me in...