Monday, April 28, 2008


So I feel like I'm getting better at this. This week I paid .57 cents out of pocket and got 26.98 in rebates. I have to go back to get another monitor and some soft soap I have one of the smaller size and one of the larger size I can still get.

Here's the Breakdown from today:
2 Blood Glucose Monitors @19.99 =39.98-39.98 in coupons=Free
2 Lint Brushes @2.5=5-2 coupons =$3
4 Post it Tags @2.5=10-$6 in Coupons=$4
3 Big Soleil @5.99=17.97-$6 in Coupons=11.97
2 Palmoliv Dish Detergent @ 1.39 BOGO=1.39-.25 in coupons=1.14
2 All Small and Mighty Dish Detergents 32oz @6.49 BOGO= 6.49-1.50 in coupons=4.99
2 Maybelline Mineral Powder Makeup @8.99 BOGO=8.99-$4 in coupons=4.99
Also used a $4 off $20 coupon
Total without coupons just with CVS sales is 97.81
Total of coupons 63.73
Adjusted Total 34.08
I used 32.97 in extra care bucks somehow it ended up I owed .57 cents out of pocket
and I earned 26.98

Tonight I'm going back for:
1 Softsoap spa radiant @4.99
1 Softsoap spa radiant $5.49-$1 Coupon=4.49
1 Blood Glucose Monitor @19.99-$19.99 coupon=Free
I should be paying about .50c out of pocket after ECB's and getting 10.48 in ECBS back.

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