Tuesday, April 08, 2008

CVS-Week 1

CVS-Week 1
I'm all flushed from my very first trip to CVS to work the extra care bucks program. There is still alot I need to learn, honestly and shamedly this is the first time I've EVER USED coupons!!! I am a pretty cheap person but I've just never quite grasped the concept. I'm still working on it as you will see below from the breakdown. Most of the stuff I normally wouldn't buy but I can use; the baby stuff will be given to my niece for her twins. We were able to start out this week as we amassed enough leftovers from a banquet for work that we didn't need to grocery shop this week. So I spent a total of 67.97 and received 20 ECB so effectively I spent $47.97 and received the items below; without Sales I would have spent $110.33. Not too bad for a beginner but I want to work up to where we can get most everything for free like the other smarties that I read.
Here is what I bought
Deal 1-Buy $25 in Baby Items get $10 ECB
CVS-Baby Wipes Reg price 2.99 SALE 2.50
CVS- Cotton Swap Reg Price 3.99 SALE 2.99
(2) Huggies Jumbo Pack Reg Price 2@11.49 SALE 2@8.99
JJ Shea Butter Baby Wash Reg Price 4.29 SALE 2.99
I paid 26.46 without the sales it would have been 34.25

Deal 2-Buy $10 in Febreeze get 5 ECB
Febreeze Candle Reg Price 7.99 Sale 6.99 plus 2 Coupon
2 Febreeze Noticables Reg Price 2@7.99 Sale 2@6.99 plus 6.99 Coupon
I paid 11.98 without coupons and sale it would have been 23.97
If I had to do over I probably wouldn't have gotten the candle and saved $4 cause I would have still had over $10 in Febreeze before Coupons.

Deal 3- Buy 1 Excedrin get 1ECB
2 Excedrin Migrains Reg Price 2@4.79 Sale 2@1.99 Plus 2-2 Coupons
I got .02 cents back without coupons and sale would have been 9.58

Deal 4-Gillette Fusion-Buy 1 Get 3 ECB
Gillette Fusion 9.99- plus 2 coupon
I paid 7.99 without coupons and sale would have been 9.99 razor
If I had to do over I probably wouldn't have gotten this either.

General Sales
Crest 2 for 5 used $1 Coupon 2-$4 Reg Price 5.98
Gillette Razors 2 sets of razors Reg Price $17.98 Sale 13.48 plus $4 coupons Paid $9.48
Oral B Toothbrush Reg Price 3.99 SALE 2.99 Coupon $1 Paid $1.99

Hopefully as I progress I will get better at this.


*shell* said...

Way to go K! You rock. So great to hear from you the other day. You have to let me know how you created your awesome blog header. Talk to ya more soon!

mama k said...

Turned out great! I'm sure she'll love it.

mama k said...

um, i think i meant to post on the shopping bag post.