Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CVS'ing and Walgreen'ing Week 2

Well I certainly made up for my lackluster savings in week 1 this week! I even came home and prayed to see if I had done something wrong for getting so much for free! It happened twice that I ended up with more money than I went in with at CVS and Walgreens, still can't figure that out but I know that I'm just taking advantage to sales they offer everyone and combining it with coupons that the manufacturers give away.
I brought home a ton of Sunsilk and Loreal products, 3 tubes of toothpaste, about 15 beauty products for a lady's glamour night I'm planning, a blood/sugar tester, 2 things of Benefiber, a toothbrush, some air fresheners, a makeup brush, and MUCH MUCH MORE ( I totally feel like a commercial now!). I brought it all home for less than $3 out of pocket and I now have $30 in ECB, $10 Register Rewards, $14.99 Rebate, and $8 rebate on their way to me.
Also I worked the coupons into my normal grocery shopping and maximized my budget! I brought home so much more than I usually do. I still walked away with $20 extra in my grocery budget which we used $10 of for a pizza night and I'm saving the extra $10 to add to this weeks budget.
I'm excited to use the surplus to bless others and to store up in our house for times of need. One of my friends started a bunch of clinics in Haiti so I will be putting together a box to bless them with personal care, medicines and anything else they might need. I'm also going to be saving some of the things we wouldn't normally use to bless some of our friends and family that have sacrificed to be SAHM's, just to show we support them and know its not always easy but its definitely worth it. Its exciting to me to be able to bless those around me with the surplus that the Lord has given me. There have been many times the Lord has used others to bless me when I have been in need so it makes me so happy to be able to bless others back!

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