Sunday, April 27, 2008

Poor Peanut

(pic of Hannah taken by Dirkey on 3/02/08)

So I was all ready to post today about yesterday's shenanigans at the Family Farm Fun Fest then we went to, but we found out our niece Hannah went into the ER at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania). We found out at around noon and waited until they had a room to come up and see them. It seems that our poor peanut of a niece has a Urinary Tract Infection, an Ear Infection and Pnuemonia. Poor thing has been sick for about 15 days and this was the third trip to the ER this week, finally they admitted her and are working on getting her better! I give major kuddo's to my SIL for persevering and advocating for Hannah, as I'm sure many mom's would be disuaded after two trips to the ER.
So I would appreciate all prayers for Hannah and her worried mom and dad.

PS Family Farm Fun Day update will be tomorrow for those waiting with baited breath.


Em said...

OMG! I will be praying...looks like lots of little Peanuts are sick right now :(

mama k said...

Poor girl!
Mommies ususally know their kids better than anyone else. Good for your SIL for trusting her instincts.
Hope she gets better quick!